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5 Reasons Why You Should Have an Anniversary Session

Not that you ever need an excuse or reason for a photo session with me, but in case you’re looking for some for an anniversary session, here are my favorites.

1. You haven’t taken pictures together since your wedding.  And when was that?  A year ago?  Three years ago?  Longer?!  Life is CRAZY busy, and it FLIES by.  Take a second to stop and document what’s going on in the here and now.  Make time to capture memories.

2. You’re looking for some quality time together.  Maybe you’ve both gotten incredibly busy, lately, or simply want to spend more time with each other.  Looking for an excuse to be ridiculously cute and cuddly for a few hours?  Let’s do this!

3. You have blank frames on your wall. You’ve been meaning to decorate. Your home doesn’t feel quite yours, yet.  You’re about to move and want to remember every detail of this home while you’re still in it.  We had a blank frame actually ON OUR WALL for almost four years before finally putting up a framed piece, instead.  TRUST ME, it looks so much better.

4. It’s FUN!  My favorite place to shoot is in your home, with shooting on-location at a place that we pick out together as a super close second favorite.  I always want to shoot somewhere that MEANS something to the two of you, photographing YOUR LOVE and who YOU TWO ARE as people.  And as full as I am of bad jokes, terrible puns, and crazy awesome ideas, there’s no way to not have fun on a shoot with me!

5. Why not?  Seriously, why not?  Stop putting it off until that magical day when the planets will align, and let’s do this.  🙂

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