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Anniversary Photo Sessions

Let’s say first-off that you really don’t ever need an excuse or reason for a photo session. All of the moments in your life deserve celebrating! But if you’re looking for some concrete reasons to have an anniversary session specifically, I’ve got you covered

1. You haven’t taken any photos together since your wedding.

If you’re like most of my couples, or most couples in general I think, then you don’t tend to take time and have updated photos made. Even I’ve fallen into letting the years roll by without updated photos of my partner and myself before! Your engagement or wedding photos were likely the first professional photos you two had taken together, and that tends to be true after the wedding, as well. And when was your wedding? A year ago, three years, five years? Life is wildly busy, but if there’s anything 2020 has reminded me, it’s to live in and celebrate the present moment. And nothing celebrates the present moment like capturing who you are as people right now. Make the time to capture these memories! You could even jump back into your wedding clothes, if you wanted!

2. You’re looking for some quality-time together.

Even if you’re spending every waking moment together, there’s something to be said for making a date night or together time out of your photo session day. Get ready together {or don’t and treat it like your wedding first look all over again!}, go out to eat afterwards, make it a full-on date! Maybe you’ve both been so busy lately or relish any excuse to spend more time together, so schedule some time to be silly and cuddly and affectionate via a session.

3. You have blank frames on your wall.

If you’re anything like me, you have empty picture frames leaning against your wall instead of full ones up on the wall. We even had a blank frame ON the wall for almost four whole years before finally putting up a framed piece! I know, you’ve been meaning to decorate but in the meantime your home doesn’t quite feel like yours yet and you don’t get to enjoy those lovely moments on a daily basis. Just like the Post-It note affirmations on your mirror, seeing photos of yourselves smiling and laughing up on the wall is such a mood-booster.

4. You’ve moved into a place that means so much to you.

My favorite place to photograph is somewhere that holds meaning for you. For some of my couples, that’s their home! Whether you’re renting and love your place, you just bought your dream home, or you just want to capture where you are right now, it can be a great place to start a session, with the added bonus of capturing it forever. We’ll include the pets, the decorations, the things that make your home a home and a reflection of you.

5. Why not? It’s so much fun!

If you haven’t yet shot with me, you might not know this but shooting with me is basically like a really awesome hang-out where we end up with some rad photos. We’ll make coffee or have drinks and tell stories, bad jokes, play games: it’s a truly bodacious time!

If we built an anniversary session for you, what would it look like?

Get in touch and let me know!

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