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Whether you’re cool as a cucumber putting together an outfit or all thumbs these tips will help you get on the right path for keeping your engagement session stress-free and awesome! No matter if you’re just now thinking about an engagement session or have one fully planned out, I hope these ideas help.

1) Wear clothes that fit you well and that you feel both comfortable and awesome in! You have your own distinct style that means something to you, so go with it! If you want to buy something new for the session, take it for a test-drive first. Don’t wear it for the first time on the day of your session, get to know the piece first.

2) Show off the personality of you, your partner, and your relationship. Whether that means nerdy t-shirts + jeans or formal wear or a costume or something in-between!

3) Feel free to let me know about props or other important pieces you want to be incorporated that reflect your activities as a couple. But stay true to yourself! This session is about celebrating the two of you.

4) Keep your location and weather in mind and feel free to chat with me about your plans! I’d love to help how I can.

5) Feel free to bring a change of clothes as a second outfit or a back-up in case the first doesn’t work! Example: casual + dressy or something seasonal + something for year-round.

6) If you normally wear make-up, wear a bit more than usual, as the camera tends to play it down. If you don’t wear make-up, keep on keeping on! And whatever grooming you’ll be doing {shaving, tweezing, waxing, etc.} do it the night before if possible so your skin isn’t red or irritated.

7) Know that I completely have your back. My engagement sessions are more like a fun hangout where we also end up with some awesome photos, and way less like you’re performing for a stranger. We’re here to have fun & to celebrate the love you two have for each other! We’ll play games, make jokes, and have a hell of a lot of fun.

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