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About Raven Shutley.

I got my first wedding photography gig off of Craigslist. 

It was a second marriage for two 70-year-olds. They only had five guests. It was a Thursday afternoon. There was no white dress. No cake. No pomp. No circumstance. Next-to-no budget (I think I got paid around $100). 

It was the best wedding I’ve ever been to. 

And the one that changed my mind about weddings altogether. 

Before that day, I swore to myself I would never become a wedding photographer. All those cheesy shove-cake-on-your-face moments and family portraits filled with fake smiles? Hell no, not for me. 

But that wedding… 

It showed me that a wedding can be whatever you want it to be. That it doesn’t matter how old you are, what size you wear, what abilities you have, which God you worship (or don’t)… weddings are a celebration of two people finding each other in this wild world. And that celebration should represent your love in whatever way you want it to. 

“Tradition” and “normal” and “should”? Fuck ‘em. I wanna help you do this thing your way. And I’m honored that you’d trust me with your love story.

Raven Shutley


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Large wedding? Small wedding? Dog wedding? No matter what sort of day you’re planning (or where it is), I have packages to meet your needs. I can’t wait to meet you!


I Give A Shit About…

You should know that I’m super laid-back and fun to be around, but when it comes to certain topics, I refuse to compromise and likely won’t shut up about them. Here’s what I value: 

  • Social Justice

I know we shouldn’t bring politics into work, but I can’t help it. I’m a feminist, an LGBTQ+ ally, a supporter of Black Lives Matter, and an environmentalist. Do you feel this way too? You’re my kind of person. 

  • Representation

I’d love to say “I’m a safe person to be with” and have you believe me, but talk is cheap. Instead, I hope to prove it to you through my portfolio, which is full of many gorgeous skin tones, body sizes, disabilities, cultures, genders, ages, sexualities, and more. This diversity is real life, and I always promise to represent that in my work.

  • Life-Long Learning

There’s so much I still have to learn about being a better photographer, a better editor, and a better ally. So I’m putting my money where my mouth is and investing in courses and tools to make me better. My faves so far? EquallyWed Pro’s LGBTQ+ certification and SoCal Standard’s Light and Melanin course about photographing and editing people of color have been game-changers.

  • Authenticity

I’ll always show up as myself, and I will always ask you to do the same. You are beautiful. You are enough. 

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