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Teddi & Ivey // Double Proposal at the Fernbank Museum

Teddi & Ivey planned a double proposal at the Fernbank Museum and I had the honor of documenting it all. As soon as Teddi & Ivey reached out about this proposal session, I was absolutely psyched for the big day to come. Not only were they planning proposals, but they were both going to propose and both were going to be a surprise. It worked so incredibly well for them and I’m just obsessed with how everything went down for Teddi & Ivey! 

couple hugs after double proposals at the Fernbank Museum

Fernbank Museum Proposals

We took these photos at Fernbank Museum, a favorite spot of mine since I was a child growing up in Atlanta. Once we shook off some nerves, Ivey chose to propose first, doing so via a song they had written for Teddi & the occasion. Teddi then went second, proposing basically in verse. I love that they chose to keep what they were going to say and how it was going to go down a secret. One of the things that I like about a proposal, even if you know that it’s coming – and even if you know your person is going to say yes – there’s still that rush of adrenaline. It becomes such a unique and interesting moment! 

There’s so many great spots for exploring and creating moments like this at the Fernbank Museum. Teddi & Ivey wanted to really focus on the outdoor action {which I adore}. We spent some time on the walk around the back, among the sculptures and alcoves, which provided lots of privacy. That’s actually where both Teddi & Ivey wound up proposing! Before that, I really tried to keep things chill so that the anxiety of what was coming would be a  little bit easier for them both. After the proposals, we walked around some more and explored some of the unique spots inside Fernbank, including the star gallery room. One of my favorite spots! Teddi & Ivey also wanted to use the famous spiral staircase {another personal fav} so we ended our time inside there.

Congratulations, Teddi & Ivey! I’m absolutely psyched for you both and thrilled that I could be a part of this moment for you. I can’t wait to create a beautiful engagement session together and be a part of your wedding day next year! I’m already looking forward to it all with you both!

engaged couple hugs on wooden walkway at the Fernbank Museum
woman brushes hair back of partner's ear during propsal at the Fernbank Museum
the Fernbank Museum in Atlanta GA
woman proposes to partner inside sculpture at the Fernbank Museum
couple looks at engagement rings walking through the Fernbank Museum
diamond engagement rings lay together after proposals at the Fernbank Museum
couple poses at bottom of spiral staircase inside the Fernbank Museum
woman hug in star room at the Fernbank Museum
women hug inside the Fernbank Museum after double proposals
engaged couple poses inside wall cut out at the Fernbank Museum

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