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When I was young, around 5th grade or so, I was a church kid. And at this church, I had two best friends: Jessica & Michael.

Once we were no longer church kids, Michael became Mike. And then Mike found Amy.

And then, they got married.

I cannot even express how excited and touched I was to experience this wedding both as a photographer and as a friend.

Mike & Amy THRILL me. And not just because we share a sense of humor and an interest in Mystery Science Theatre 3000. But it helps.

Enjoy their offbeat backyard wedding.  Mike & Amy, thank you.  🙂

City: Duluth, GA

Awesome Details:

  • Entire wedding took place at an aunt’s house.
  • It was masquerade-themed and EVERYONE had masks.
  • The officiant was dressed as Michael Jackson, and HAD SOME MOVES.
  • They married on a balcony.
  • The decor around the yard was in a Tolkien-inspired font.
  • Boba Fett helmet {Star Wars} and Jayne Cobb hat {Firefly}. Need I say more?


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