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Elegant Southern Bridal Session in Marietta, GA // Margaret Rose

Elegant Southern Bridal Session in Marietta, GA // Margaret Rose

southern bridal session vintage dress laughing bride magnolias
“My lover’s got humor/She’s the giggle at a funeral.” – Hozier, Take Me to Church

Margaret Rose’s wedding dress is special. And not in the way all wedding dresses are special; this one holds extra love and meaning for both her and her family. It’s a dress that has been passed down, altered, and worn by so many of the women in Margaret Rose’s family. And this coupled with her magnolia bouquet and the setting for their reception a few months later, we designed Margaret Rose the elegant southern bridal session of her {and my!} dreams.

Our location was the Whitlock Inn in Marietta, a large and gorgeous old house from the late 1800’s with so much charm and character. Their spring plants were seriously on display and we were really able to show off both Margaret Rose as the bubbly and yet also hauntingly beautiful woman she is and also the dress in all its glory.

We had two thoughts going in for capturing Margaret Rose’s sides: bright and airy happy springtime portraits, and some slightly spooky Victorian ones.

Photos from Margaret Rose’s elegant Southern Bridal Session:

southern bridal session in rose garden with magnolias
bridal session bouquet with vintage cameo pin
bridal session with vintage dress pearls magnolia bouquet
outdoor southern bridal portraits with magnolias
southern bridal portraits in vintage house
bridal portraits with trellis outdoors
beautiful bridal portraits roses garden victorian wallpaper
magnolia bouquet bridal session vintage dress
bridal portraits vintage dress 1800's house couch
vintage bridal portraits southern

Thank you, Margaret Rose, for being amazing and really bringing it on your southern bridal session! And thank you Eleanor for being the dress wrangler!

Looking to design a bridal session that fits you perfectly? Send me a message to get this train rolling!

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