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Folks Event Planning // Event Planner Branding Session 

If you haven’t heard the announcement:  I’m thrilled to now be offering branding sessions! My speciality is creative lifestyle portraits for professional people: artists, creators, world-shakers, and everyone in-between. Your branding photos should showcase who you are as a business owner and what makes your brand unique. Recently, I had the joy of photographing Hilton at Folks Events. My job was all about helping her create event planner branding portraits that help her connect with her future ideal clients. 

Atlanta Creative Branding Portraits for Event Planner

From the beginning, Hilton shared with me that she wanted her brand to come clearly across ans fun and bright, yet professional – and she knew she wanted her branding session outdoors. It was important to her that future couples felt invited in and able to connect with her. There was definitely a specific vibe Hilton wanted in her portraits and I was excited to help her find that! Our session began at Fellow’s Cafe in Roswell GA. We chose this spot specifically because Hilton loves coming to work. She knows everyone there and it was such a beautiful cafe. With plants everywhere, the inside was just perfect for her working photos. We also lucked out with a nice day, so we could be on the patio and bring her dogs there!

Roswell Branding Session

One of the things I loved most about Hilton’s branding photos is that we were really able to show off who she is as a person. It’s one thing {and a totally a-okay thing at that!} to have photos of your potential planner dressed up and looking professional. It’s another to see who that person is – laid back with their dogs and their life. That’s why it was important to head over to Roswell River for the next part of our session. At the bridge/walkway, we captured photos of Hilton outside of her “work life”.  Both looks are important when creating your business and brand. But for my event planner branding session with Hilton, I loved that we got to show off who she is as a human and how she spends her days running her business and being the awesome person she is in real life!  

As I said, those more traditional moments or photos are super important too. So, Hilton and I ensured that we had plenty of photos of her working too – on her laptop, her phone, writing, or reading. At the end of the day, I want my clients to have everything they need to market their business! So variety is key. My goal for branding sessions is always going to be to show off who you really are so that you can better connect and book your ideal clients! 

woman works on phone during event planner branding session at Fellows Cafe
woman works at wooden table inside Fellows Cafe
woman sits with laptop during branding photos at Fellows Cafe
woman looks down texting on phone during event planner branding session
blonde woman laughs during branding photos in Georgia
event planner works on phone during event planner branding session
woman laughs sitting inside Fellows Cafe during branding photos
woman drinks white coffee mug during event planner branding session on patio at Fellows Cafe
event planner sits at outside table working during event planner branding session
woman laughs with white coffee mug during event planner branding session
blonde woman in black tank top leans over notebook on wooden table
woman laughs sitting outside Fellows Cafe during event planner branding session
event planner branding session at Fellows Cafe outside table
woman walks through patio at Fellows Cafe
woman drinks coffee from white mug at Fellows Cafe
event planner branding session for woman in black tank and jeans outside yellow building
woman sits on bench outside Roswell Cafe during event planner branding session
woman in black tank top and jeans walks outside Fellow's Cafe
woman walks with two dogs through Roswell Park
woman leans to pet dogs during branding session in Roswell Park
business owner leans against wooden railing of patio at Roswell Park
business owner poses with dogs on trail at Roswell Park
woman sits on wooden walkway in Roswell Park with two dogs
event planner sits on bench in Roswell Park with two dogs at her feet

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Creating branding photos that are true to your brand and your life outside of work is always my goal – so you can better connect with your ideal clients. Reach out and let me know what you’re thinking!



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