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You seem great, but I don’t live in Georgia/I’m not getting married in Georgia. What are my options?

I love traveling! Reach out for a custom quote.

Absolutely! I actually specialize in photographing people who don’t like having their photo taken, and I work toward complete comfort in front of the camera in order to get your absolute best photos.

My sessions are fun hangouts where we also get great images of you. The goal is always to document a slice of your life: comfortable and a blast.

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. That said, if you and/or your partner dislike taking photos, I think an engagement session is a must. Aside from being a hell of a lot of fun, the engagement session is the perfect time for us to get to know each other before the wedding. A practice run, of sorts.

I want you to be as comfortable as possible while taking photos on wedding day and an engagement session is a huge step in that direction! Being more comfortable means more authentic photos, and a better, more fun experience overall.

The absolute best way to find this out is to ask me! I love chatting.

Reach out and we’ll jump on a discovery call to chat details and see if we’re a good fit. My consultations are completely free and no-pressure.

We’ll jump on a discovery call and get to know each other, then I’ll build you a custom package and send it over. It’ll walk you through step-by-step and once we both sign the contract and the retainer payment is made, we’re officially booked!

The sooner, the better! The best time is between 8-12 months before your wedding, but it all just depends on your situation and the timing. Once we’re discussing your wedding, I’ll let you know immediately if someone else contacts me inquiring about your same date. Your date is not held or booked until the contract is signed and the first payment is received, but I will definitely let you know that someone else is interested in that same date.