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Rowan & Kelsey // Fregene, Italy Elopement in Private Villa

Fregene, Italy Elopement in Private Villa // Rowan & Kelsey

Rowan & Kelsey’s Fregene Italy elopement was so special and lovely and just right for them. They were surrounded by loved ones at a gorgeous {PINK!} villa on the coast of Italy. We spent the week in a town called Fregene {highly, highly recommend}. This entire trip was amazing and was SO Rowan & Kelsey! I can’t wait for you to see all of the ways they made their elopement unique {beyond traveling to Italy}.

married couple poses in courtyard of Fregene Italy villa at night Getting Ready

They began the day getting ready separately, Rowan in their over-the-top pink bedroom and Kelsey with her sister, Courtney Musick the amazing hair & make-up artist, and friends across the house in another suite. There was an outdoor connector between the two, which is immediately where I knew we’d be doing some portraits.

bride prepares for Fregene Italy elopement with sister and makeup artist

Any tips for future couples on how to prepare for their wedding photos?

CLEAN YOUR RINGS. Allow ample time for getting ready so that no one feels rushed. Give people tasks to do because they want to help and it will keep you from feeling stressed about things getting done while you’re taking your photos.

The villa is made up of tons of different suites. Each had its own entrance and bathroom, giving the villa a maze-like and almost magical feeling to its design. There were narrow stairways and outside connections between rooms. Everything looked out onto the gorgeous courtyard full of trees and beautiful plants and flowers.

bridesmaid helps bride into wedding gown in Italian villa

First Look in the Villa

For their first look, I had Kelsey meet Rowan down in the room they were staying in. I found the hallway looking down into their room so framing and inspiring. Plus how could I not utilize that amazing pink and green backdrop?!

After they’d had a moment to themselves, we stepped out in to the utterly perfect weather for some shots on the walkway between suites on the villa’s upper level, where they told me some of the stories that had happened since they’d gotten in.

bride meets groom for first look in villagroom waits for bride for first look in villa couple sits on bed talking doing first look at Fregene Italy elopementWhat did you love about your venue/wedding location?

We liked that it was very beautiful, private, intimate, and unlike anything we had ever seen before. It felt special for us to share this unique experience with each other and our guests.

couple sits talking before Fregene Italy elopementcouple sits on bed during first look in Italian villabride leans to give groom's cheek a kiss in villa window bride and groom pose on rooftop of villa in Fregene Italy couple stands on rooftop during Fregene Italy elopement portraits couple holds hands walking across courtyard at Fregene Italy villaCourtyard Ceremony in Fregene, Italy

Their ceremony was in the courtyard itself, lead by a close friend and including personalized vows written by each of them. They were surrounded by the friends and family who had come to celebrate with them in a semi-circle, who were visibly delighted by the proceedings. It was a gorgeous and touching ceremony!

newlyweds hold hands during courtyard Fregene Italy elopement ceremony

Most memorable moment from your wedding day?

Standing up in front of our friends and family who had come all the way to Italy to be with us and feeling so happy and loved while we shared our vows.

couple hugs and kisses after ceremony at Fregene Italy villa

Wedding Portraits in Italy

After, we split off for some passed wine {and terrible soda people were being dared to try}. When we were done, it was time for some group photos and a few more couple portraits and mingling. {And being entertained by the yard turtles, of course.}

couple sits on brick wall in courtyard of Fregene Italy villabride and groom hold hands by pink wall at Fregene Italy villacouple speaks with guests during ceremony in Fregene Italycouple hugs in between bushes at Fregene Italy villabride and groom hug in courtyard by trees with twinkling lightsWhat were you most anxious or nervous about regarding your wedding day and how did it turn out?

We were both most nervous about everything going smoothly and everyone feeling comfortable and entertained and getting along and it turned out perfectly. All of our friends and family worked together, actually, to help things go smoothly.

bride holds Italian wine during reception in courtyard married couple mingles with guests in courtyard of Fregene Italy villacouple mingles with guests during reception bride and groom hold hands walking into Fregene Italy villa Casual Wedding Dinner

As the evening began and the sun was setting, the private chefs that they had hired arrived. I loved watching Rowan – who learned Italian for this trip, BY THE WAY – chatted as they got things ready. It was so neat seeing the chefs work and hearing about life in Italy from locals.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

lol we would’ve gotten snacks or a charcuterie table in-between the ceremony and the dinner to give everyone something to do while we waited, especially since the chef ended up being so late.

bride and groom hold hands walking into Fregene Italy villa groom talks with guests inside villa during Italian elopement cozy reception and dinner inside Fregene Italy villawedding dinner in pink villa in Fregene Italybride and groom eat dinner in villa with guests What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

When planning your wedding, sit down with your partner and figure out what traditions/experiences feel authentic to you before you worry about what anyone else wants. If you focus your day around what feels true to your relationship, everyone will have a good time and will walk away with a deeper understanding of and connection with you and your partner.

The entire day was so relaxed and fun and built exactly to suit Rowan & Kelsey and this entire trip was so inspiring. I hope to do many more like this!

groom talks with chefs in villa couple sits with dinner guests at Fregene Italy villabride and groom talk with guests during dinner in Fregene Italy villaGet In Touch to Plan Your Elopement

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