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FRIENDS Experience Portrait Session // Patrick & Ross

Patrick & Ross are, like, really into FRIENDS. It’s been a huge touchstone in their relationship together. So much so that they have a Central Perk set up in their basement! {And photos are coming from their in-home engagement session soon!} So when they reached out and asked if I would come for their own FRIENDS experience portraits in Atlanta I was STOKED! This was such a unique and incredibly fun opportunity, and a personal and special one Patrick & Ross, which is always something I strive for with my sessions. We had a blast, the sets were SO much fun to play in, and the employees were incredibly kind and helpful.

FRIENDS Experience Portrait Session in Atlanta

We started out by the big orange couch – you know the one. Then, a backdrop of the famous opening theme song fountain! There were even lighting effects in that space to simulate light reflecting off the water. Personally, I love that attention to detail. The next room was set up more like a museum, so there were costumes set up for each of the six main characters and behind the scenes info posted all over the walls! Super interesting.

Our next stop was the pivot couch, and if you haven’t seen that referenced at least once over the past two years as we’ve gone through COVID, I’d be surprised! Patrick and Ross were able to set up as if they were carrying the couch up that impossible stairwell and yell “PIVOT!” at each other! It was so funny to take part in that scene.

Next up were a smattering of familiar outfits that you could pose behind, like from the 80’s episode, and the famous purple front door. Then came a wall of Etch-a-Sketches with different quotes or references written on them. Those were followed by a replication of Joey & Chandler’s apartment with working Lay-z-Boy recliners!

Unique Portrait Session Inspiration

The penultimate scene, and one of my favorite spots, was the exterior and interior of the girls’ apartment. So we had the teal cabinets and sunny kitchen and the purple hallway between the apartments, too. And then finally, we reached everyone’s favorite: Central Perk! There was the main counter where the characters would place orders. They also had plenty of places to sit and enjoy your pretend drinks, and then – of course! – the orange Central Perk couch front and center.

The final spot was outside of Central Perk, where we got to play with some neon signs and then check out the gift shop on the way out. It was, overall, such an incredibly fun experience. I’m so glad we got to go!

No matter what your passion is, what brings you together as a couple: I want to capture it. I want to be there for the things that are important and fun for you. That’s one of the secrets of my photography. I make sure you’re in a comfortable space where you can be yourself, where you can feel comfortable to get excited and to be yourself.

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