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Garden Wedding Near Atlanta, GA // Casey & Tiyona

Meet the Couple

Casey & Tiyona are one of my couples who had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic in the middle of their wedding planning. They had originally planned on getting everyone together at the end of May for their wedding at Little Gardens near Atlanta. But, 2020 had a different plan in mind. Instead, these two awesome humans rolled with the changes and adapted their garden wedding near Atlanta. They moved everything to September, cutting their guest list drastically, and following the CDC guidelines for masks, distancing, and hand sanitizer.

They’ve been completely cool cats throughout the process, making changes as needed and outwardly appearing nonplussed. Although as we all know, planning a wedding is definitely stressful! But, planning a wedding during a pandemic is even more so.

Their wedding at Little Gardens was a gorgeous day. With a mix of overcast skies and sun peeking through, and everything was still in full bloom in the gardens, it was perfect! The ceremony was beautiful and touching. Their excitement of becoming married was beaming from them as they walked back down the aisle after the ceremony.

Their wedding reception was a blast! Casey and Tiyoana kept everyone fed with great food and entertained with mingling and a popular reception game called “The Shoe Game”! This is such a great alternative to a huge dance party! Whether your crew isn’t the dancing or partying type, or if you’re planning a wedding in a pandemic and need something to do that keeps everyone a little further apart, give it a try.

Photos from Their Garden Wedding near Atlanta, GA

wedding bands rest on lilyGarden Wedding ceremony Near Atlanta, GAbride poses with colorful bridal party after garden wedding

Getting Ready

family prepares for Garden Wedding Near Atlanta, GAfall wedding day preparations for bride and bridesmaids in Atlanta GAgroom poses for funny photos with groomsmangroom in mask looks out window before Garden Wedding Near Atlanta, GAfall wedding day prep for the groombride and mom prepare on wedding morning in Atlantadramatic bridal portrait in mirrorbridal portrait before Garden Wedding Near Atlanta, GAdetails in bride's hair for garden weddingAtlanta bride poses by window before garden wedding at home

Their Wedding Ceremony

groom watches bride walk down aisle during Garden Wedding Near Atlanta, GAbride walks down aisle with dad during Garden Wedding Near Atlanta, GAbride and groom exchange vows during garden weddingintimate garden wedding in Atlanta GAbride laughs during wedding ceremony in Georgiagroom lifts veil for bride during wedding ceremonyGarden Wedding ceremony Near Atlanta, GAnewlyweds walk up aisle after Garden Wedding Near Atlanta, GAnewlyweds smile after wedding ceremony in Georgia

The Wedding Reception

fun fall wedding cake with metal foilfloral centerpieces for wedding receptionnewlyweds laugh together after Garden Wedding Near Atlanta, GAbride and groom dance during Garden Wedding receptionbride and groom dance during Garden Wedding receptionbride and her dad dance during Garden Wedding receptiongroom dances with mom during wedding receptionbride and groom play shoe game during wedding receptionbride and groom play shoe game during wedding reception

Their Couple Portraits

garden wedding portraits in Atlanta GA with bride and groomnewlyweds pose in Atlanta GA gardennewlyweds pose in garden during wedding daygroom sits under bride's veil for funny photo during Atlanta weddingbride and groom try to get under veil during wedding photosbride and groom dance in Atlanta gardenbride shows off orange heels

Most memorable moment from your wedding day?

The bride, Tiyona, shared with me that the most memorable moment from their wedding day was when she was walking down the aisle to Casey. Honestly, the looks on both their faces as I watched her approach him for the wedding ceremony spoke to their complete love for each other and excitement to be married. The groom, Casey, shared with me that the most memorable moment for him was their personal vows, which can be such a special moment for people who write their own. Many of my couples write their own vows for their wedding ceremony, and it adds a personal touch as well as often bringing some levity and extra personality to the moment.

groomsman gives groom ring for weddinggroom watches bride during exchange of vows in Atlanta GAmaid of honor gives bride rings for summer wedding

Funniest moment on your wedding day?

Tiyona & Casey said the funniest moments for them on the day included during the wedding reception when they played a popular reception game called “The Shoe Game,”. It starts with the couple each holding a shoe of their own and a shoe from the other person. Then they’re asked questions like “who of you two is the better driver,” or “who is more adventurous” and each answer is giving by holding up the corresponding shoe of the person they think is the person who fits that description best. It was so funny watching them agree on some answers and completely disagree on others!

One of their other funniest moments was when the flower girl came down the aisle without throwing any of the flower petals in her basket.

flower girls play by altar during wedding receptionflower girl watches reception dancesWhat were you most anxious or nervous about regarding your wedding day and how did it turn out?

The couple was most worried about the weather on their wedding day, hoping that it wouldn’t rain, which is a legitimate concern at any time for an outdoor ceremony! But, especially since this season of 2020 {in a year of so many things going on}, we were smack dab in the middle of seven tropical storms at once! Luckily we had amazing weather and the ceremony went off without a hitch.

What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

The couple would advise that you should be prepared to pay for what you want. I think is some great advice! Budgeting and researching are two huge parts of the wedding planning process, so going in with an understanding and knowledge base is so helpful.

bride hugs flower girl during outdoor wedding in COVID19 pandemic

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

The couple said they wouldn’t change anything at all! That’s one of my favorite things to hear from a couple of mine. Being able to live in the moment, roll with the punches, and just enjoy the day is so important.

bride and groom dance in Atlanta garden

Any tips for future couples on how to prepare for their wedding photos?

Finally, this couple recommends keeping in contact and communicating in order to best prepare for your wedding photos! And, I couldn’t agree more! I keep a number of communication points in my process. These include an in-depth conversation before booking, a catch-up before wedding day, and a number of correspondences and questionnaires in the middle to help me prepare. This allows me to really make sure I’m capturing all of the pieces and moments that are important to you!

bride poses with family after wedding ceremonybride poses with colorful bridal party after garden weddingbride poses with bridesmaids in orange dresses in the fallgroom laughs with groomsmen during portraits

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