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Caroline & Conor // Georgia Aquarium Engagement Session

Georgia Aquarium Engagement Session // Caroline & Conor

Caroline & Conor are such a delight! I was excited about their session for a ton of reasons, not the least of which was that we had settled on the aquarium for part of it. The Georgia Aquarium  is one of their favorite places to visit together, so it just made sense to spend part of our session. But, before we headed there – I got to see their super cute home and enjoy a laidback afternoon with them.

When I arrived at Caroline & Conor’s home, they made drinks together and hung out with the cats {Kimchi & Sushi!}. I adored both of the cats. They were so cute – wanting to play with the blinds and chasing moths. I loved watching them cuddle with Caroline & Conor… until they were over it. {Oh, cats!} Caroline & Conor grabbed some beers and we enjoyed the gorgeous weather outside. That may not have been our original plan, but that’s more than okay. Our sessions are designed around things that YOU love – so if something isn’t working or a pet isn’t cooperating {or whatever happens}, I’m here for you. We’ll adjust and just keep hanging out. It’s all good! After a beer, Caroline & Conor played some Mario Kart {a favorite activity of theirs}.

orange cat sits on rug in Atlanta apartment couple makes drinks in Atlanta GA home two glasses sit on counter in Georgia home couple mixes drink during lifestyle engagement session at home couple toasts beer glasses together in Atlanta kitchen engaged couple sits on sofa talking during Atlanta lifestyle engagement session

The Intimacy of an In-Home Engagement Session

Embarking on the journey of marriage is exciting, and what better way to capture this moment than with an in-home engagement session? Your home, a place where countless memories are made, provides a uniquely personal backdrop. This intimate setting allows your love story to unfold naturally, where every photo resonates with the warmth and familiarity of your shared space.

Including Your Beloved Pets

One of the joys of an in-home engagement session is the ability to include your pets. They are an integral part of your life and can add a playful, loving touch to your photos. In the comfort of your home, your pets can interact naturally, bringing out candid moments of joy and affection that beautifully encapsulate your family life.

cats lay on tower in Atlanta home engaged couple sits at blue table on patio during Atlanta lifestyle engagement sessioncouple drinks beers on back porch during Atlanta lifestyle engagement sessionengaged couple cuddles with cats during Atlanta lifestyle engagement sessioncouple plays Mario kart in living room during Atlanta lifestyle engagement sessioncouple plays Mario kart during Atlanta lifestyle engagement sessionengaged couple sits on couch playing video games during Atlanta lifestyle engagement session

Engagement Portraits at The Georgia Aquarium

Afterwards, we headed out to see the fish friends. The Georgia Aquarium is one of the most popular destinations in Atlanta, but it was surprisingly busy day while we were there! Your girl loves a challenge, so I stepped up. I’m kind of an expert in finding pockets of privacy in busy spaces. Caroline & Conor’s engagement session makes me smile, because it wasn’t perfect – but it was still a joy to photograph. Caroline & Conor showed me around to some of their favorite spots. We loved visiting the otters, beluga and penguins. All three of us fell in love with the new shark exhibit, too.  The Georgia Aquarium is a unique wedding venue and it was a dreamy spot for engagement portraits, too. We found some really cool patches of light to play with – the tunnels, the displays.

My goal for Caroline & Connor’s Georgia aquarium engagement session was to not feel like… a session. I want it to feel like a hangout, like it’s a slice of life, a little piece of normalcy that’s captured because it’s beautiful. Focusing on activities they do regularly – enjoying their patio, visiting their favorite aquarium… that’s what life is like for Caroline & Conor and now they’ll have photos to remember these days forever. I’m so psyched about their wedding in North Carolina next year!

engaged couple hugs on lawn in front of Georgia Aquarium with Atlanta skyline behind them engaged couple kisses in front of jellyfish display during Georgia Aquarium engagement sessionengaged couple points at fish in tunnel at the Georgia Aquariumengaged couple looks at fish display inside the Georgia Aquariumwoman laughs with man in ocean tunnel at Georgia Aquarium

The Adventure of a Georgia Aquarium Engagement Session

Transitioning from the coziness of your home, consider the thrill of a Georgia Aquarium engagement session. This unique experience takes you into an aquatic world, offering a striking contrast to the home setting. It’s a place where the vibrant life of the ocean becomes a stunning backdrop, symbolizing the depth and diversity of your relationship.

Capturing Natural Joy and Wonder

The Georgia Aquarium provides an environment that naturally evokes wonder and joy, perfect for capturing genuine, un-posed moments. The awe-inspiring marine life around you ensures that each photo vibrates with life and spontaneity, showcasing the excitement and happiness of your engagement.

engaged couple holds hands looking at fish display at Georgia Aquariumengaged couple holds hands by fish tank during Georgia Aquarium engagement session woman laughs with man inside the Georgia Aquariumcouple makes silly faces inside the Georgia Aquarium

engaged couple hugs in front of display at Georgia Aquarium

A Celebration of Your Journey

Both an in-home engagement session and a Georgia Aquarium engagement session tell the story of your journey in different, yet complementary ways. While your home reflects the intimate, personal aspect of your relationship, the Georgia Aquarium adds a layer of grandeur and adventure. Together, they create a beautiful narrative of your life, from the comfort of home to the wonders of the wider world.

engaged couple poses in front of shark tank during Georgia Aquarium engagement sessionengaged couple sits by shark display during Georgia Aquarium engagement session engaged couple sits inside Georgia Aquarium display couple kisses in shark jaws during Georgia Aquarium engagement session

Combining an in-home engagement session with a Georgia Aquarium engagement session offers the best of both worlds. You start in a place that’s deeply personal and end in a setting that’s grand and awe-inspiring. This duo of locations captures the essence of your relationship: intimate, adventurous, and full of love. Ready to start this unforgettable journey?

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