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Grant Park Bridal Session // Sarah

I saw this wedding dress from Lael Collection and was immediately inspired to put together a creative bridal shoot! I chose Grant Park for its light and flowers. Basically, I knew I wanted this to be super spring-inspired and an excuse to go play for a while. This is one of the first creative shoots I’d been able to put together in a long time, and I got to work with such a dream team. And because of some severe key-losing-mishaps on my end, we ended up not starting until sunset, which meant playing in the dark! It was a great experiment and I love how the is Grant Park bridal session came out.

Especially as an artist and a creator, play and having creative outlets is so incredibly important. And I’m always up for honing my skills and challenging myself! I’m honored to be able to work with such talented people who pulled together this last-minute shoot with it. And for the amazing Gabbie Burseth to have come along for some behind the scenes shots. If you’ve ever wondered how I see the world vs what you see when I’m seeing it, check these out!

Bridal Session Inspiration

Sessions like this, where you put on your wedding clothes either before or after your wedding, can be both practical and just a hell of a lot of fun. For Margaret Rose, she wore a vintage wedding gown that had been handed down through her family for generations and would only be wearing it for their church ceremony before changing into a reception dress. So we absolutely wanted to make sure we captured that in all its glory. Trying to make time for the kind of session we would need, where we had the run of the reception venue and the opportunity to move the dress incredibly gently, wouldn’t have been possible on wedding day while preserving the dress. Instead, we set aside time on another day and had a bridal session for her.

For Candyce, though we were partially wanting to make sure we had the full time needed for her portraits, we also just knew it would yield some killer photos! Again we picked a time and place we knew we’d mostly have it to ourselves, Ponce City Marker and Cator Woolford Garden, and we got shots we never would have been able to on the wedding day.

Atlanta photographer taking a photo of a bride with green hair by a magnolia tree Gabbie BursethAtlanta photographer capturing a bride at sunset by a magnolia tree Gabbie Burseth Raven ShutleyAtlanta photographer giving direction and a bride fluffing her gown Gabbie Burseth and Raven ShutleyBride twirling in her gown and photographer smiling in Grant Park  Gabbie Burseth and Raven ShutleyRaven Shutley photographer adjusts wedding dress during Grant Park bridal session Gabbie BursethWedding photographer directs bride during Grant Park bridal session Gabbie Burseth and Raven ShutleyBride smiling and photographer squating in Atlanta park Gabbie Burseth and Raven ShutleyPhotographer captures bride under white flowers in Atlanta park Gabbie Burseth and Raven ShutleyPhotographer captures bride on a hill in Grant Park in Atlanta Gabbie Burseth and Raven ShutleyBride in wedding gown outside and photographer at Grant Park Gabbie Burseth and Raven ShutleyBride twirling wedding gown at night and photographer taking a photo at Grant Park Raven ShutleyBride with green hair twirling in a wedding gown in Grant Park ATL at night Raven Shutley StudiosVendors

Hair & Make-Up: Courtney Musick Beauty 

Dress: Lael Collection

Behind the Scenes Shots: Gabbie Burseth 

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Raven is an Atlanta Wedding and portrait Photographer who captures real people. Her speciality is working with people who feel awkward in front of the camera. She travels throughout Georgia, including Athens, North Georgia, and beyond.

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