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Amy & Rhys // Intimate Plaza Theatre Wedding

Intimate Plaza Theatre Wedding in Atlanta  // Amy & Rhys

When Amy & Rhys reached out about their wedding plans, I was ecstatic! Their intimate Plaza Theatre wedding turned out to be an absolute blast and I truly loved every minute spent with them. Looking back on it all, I just want to say it was a complete reflection of their relationship and of them as people. I hope that Amy and Rhys remind you that YOUR wedding is about what you want – there are NO rules when it comes to wedding planning. Do what you love and it will be the most perfect day. 

bride and groom stand with Face/Off DVD case First Look in Atlanta 

We met up at Freedom Park for their first look. Freedom Park has tons of trees and afforded us plenty of privacy for their first moments together of the day. Afterwards, we began to start their photo walk to the ceremony venue, stopping off wherever we saw something fun. Something fun definitely included Videodrome, Atlanta’s only video rental store. Amy and Rhys are HUGE movie buffs (once you see the photos, you’ll understand) and this is one of their favorite spots to rent films from. Videodrome was absolutely amazing, letting us photograph inside the store – and outside, by their logo on the wall. It was so much fun and we wound up creating one of my favorite photos of all time here with the cover of Face/Off. 

bride and groom have first look in Freedom Park first look in Freedom Park for Atlanta couple bride and groom sit on steps in Freedom Park during first look newlyweds hug outside Videodrome logo newlyweds hug in video rental store in Atlanta GA bride and groom hug in Videodrome during wedding portraits bride stands with hand on groom's shoulder standing in Videodrome bride and groom laugh together in Videodrome during Atlanta wedding photos groom hugs bride from behind during floral mural in Atlanta GA bride and groom smile by blue wall in Atlanta bride and groom stand on street corner in Atlanta near neon signs Plaza Theatre Wedding Ceremony 

We ended our walk at the Plaza Theatre, the wedding venue{!!!} and captured some of the awesome wall art around there as well as their names up on the marquee! I absolutely LOVE that they had their ceremony here, standing up beside that huge movie screen. Their guests enjoyed sitting in the movie theatre seats to watch, and we even played with some portraits there afterwards. The Plaza Theatre was absolutely amazing – letting us photograph wherever we wanted. Amy and Rhys tied the knot and encouraged me to keep pulling from the cinema for inspiration in their portraits here, too. 

bride and groom pose outside the Plaza Theatre guest hugs groom outside Plaza Theatre bride hugs dad during prep for GA wedding newlyweds kiss by movie posters at Plaza Theatre bride and groom hide in photo booth at Plaza Theatre father walks bride down aisle at Plaza Theatre father walks bride to ceremony at Plaza Theatre newlyweds exchange vows during Plaza Theatre wedding ceremony newlyweds exchange vows during Plaza Theatre wedding ceremony bride cries during Plaza Theatre wedding bride and groom hold hands during Plaza Theatre wedding ceremony by movie screen newlyweds kiss during Plaza Theatre wedding in front of movie screen newlyweds wave to guests after Plaza Theatre wedding ceremony bride and groom pose with wedding party in front row of Plaza Theatre newlyweds pose with wedding party outside Plaza Theatre under marquee with names bride and groom stand with wedding party in front of mural in Atlanta wedding portraits inside the Plaza Theatre bride and groom stand with wedding party outside building in Atlanta Plaza Theatre wedding day

The Frosty Caboose Portraits

Afterwards, we all drove up to Chamblee and to their reception venue, Southbound. I want to pause here and remind you – it’s your wedding day, if your venues are further apart, it’s OKAY to ask your guests to drive!! I promise. Along the way, we hit up the Frosty Caboose, because we’re adults and eat dessert before AND after dinner! The Frosty Caboose is a converted train car and we all stopped for ice cream – I had lemon sorbet and it was amazing. While we were enjoying our ice cream, we watched the traffic and trains go by. Rhys actually suggested a photo of them eating ice cream while a train went by, and I was so happy when he did, because I was thinking that too! It turned out to be a great portrait and the perfect way to wrap up before heading to Southbound. 

Southbound Wedding Reception

Amy and Rhys had the most fun and intimate feeling reception at Southbound, a beautiful restaurant here in Atlanta. It’s one of my favorite places! Everyone enjoyed hanging out and eating together. One of the best parts of the night was when Amy’s dad got up to sing. Yeah, he sang for them instead of a traditional toast. It was so special and I still tear up thinking about it! He sang “Amy” and “Here Comes the Sun” for her and Rhys, two songs that are special to both of them! It was absolutely beautiful. Afterwards, Amy and Rhys cut their incredible wedding cake – chicken shaped {!!!!} and when we looked up, we noticed a beautiful rainbow was out. The skies were moody the rest of the night, which was actually perfect because we still wanted to complete a little tribute to the date: Friday the 13th. Amy and Rhys snuck out with me to play with the puddles and dark skies {and a Jason mask} to end the night. It was honestly so much fun. As we were outside, we heard tons of planes flying around. That made Amy super happy – the love of airplanes runs in her family! 

couple's car decorated after Plaza Theatre wedding ceremony bride and groom order ice cream from Frosty Caboose bride shows off ice cream at the Frosty Caboose bride and groom eat ice cream while train goes behind them 3D glasses with wedding rings on table in Atlanta GA chicken inspired wedding cake wedding reception at Southbound in Chamblee GA bride and groom cut wedding cake at Southbound groom twirls bride after cake cutting at Southbound bride's father plays songs during Southbound wedding reception rainbow during Southbound wedding reception bride and groom stand in corner of brick room at Southbound moody sky for Atlanta wedding day groom stands in Jason mask outside Southbound Amy and Rhys, thank you for taking me along for your beautiful and super fun wedding day! I had the greatest time and I can’t wait to see you both again.

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