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Lake Blue Ridge Wedding // Cindy & Jeff

Cindy & Jeff’s love story enchanted me immediately. It was the most 2020 story I’d ever heard, or likely will ever hear, and I REALLY need someone to make a movie out of it! Cindy was looking for a roommate to move in, Jeff was looking to move in somewhere. They met up to see if they’d be a good fit and it was instant fireworks. Jeff moved in after the initial meeting where they realized they’d make great roommates, and only a few short months later they found themselves quarantining at home together. Their feelings grew stronger and stronger until finally they admitted those feelings and the two became a couple. One year later, in front of an audience of some of their closest friends and family at a lakeside home, they married!

I loved these two pretty immediately. They said all the things couples say when I know we’re going to get along famously, like not being “a typical couple” and wanting to keep things relaxed and fun and take the stress off of their people. My couples want their loved ones to have a great time, for their day to be laidback and a hell of a good time, so this Lake Blue Ridge wedding was so up my alley.

bride hugs groom looking up at himGetting Ready Photos

The point of getting ready photos, for me, is way less about the pretty shots of makeup being applied. Instead, it’s way more about capturing what was going on while you were readying. About the people who were with you, the laughter or tears that came, when you see your fancy-ass self in the mirror for the first time and you’re so psyched about the look. It’s about the important pieces you chose to keep on your person that day. Maybe it’s an heirloom that’s been passed down or the completely rad shoes you picked out because they just sang to you. {Or maybe it’s your amazingly loyal and precious dog, like Cindy had in Max!}

Lake Blue Ridge wedding day photographed by GA wedding photographer Raven Shutley Studios dog sits on bed before Lake Blue Ridge wedding daybride prepares for Lake Blue Ridge weddingmother watches bride prepare for GA wedding daywoman prepares food in kitchen for wedding daywedding rings on mossy rock by lakemom helps bride with veil before Lake Blue Ridge wedding ceremonymother of bride smiles taking a polaroid picture bride in white dress looks out the window before Lake Blue Ridge weddingbride and friend talk before wedding day bride and friend hug before GA weddingFirst Look

When Cindy and Jeff were each ready, I stole them away for a first look underneath the house’s porch, and then we went exploring. This house had so many amazing spots, like the boatdock with the stunning view of the sky, lake, and mountains. Like the path up from the water and around the side, with how the light struck the beautiful plants and flowers along the walk. Like the bits of forest along the driveway and, my personal favorite, the incredibly cute and cozy little a-frame room on the top floor.

bride walks up to groom for fist look before Lake Blue Ridge weddingnewlyweds kiss under deck at Lake Blue Ridge housebride walks towards groom for first lookbride and groom walk down hill with dog before lakeside wedding day

What were you most anxious or nervous about regarding your wedding day and how did it turn out?

Honestly, our anxiety was really the week of and getting everything together for our “destination” (i.e. 2 hrs north) wedding weekend. Once we were there – it just kinda flowed naturally.

bride and groom pose in trees with dogcouple walks over bridge at Lake Blue Ridgenewlyweds kiss on boat dock at Lake Blue Ridgenewlyweds pose between boats at Lake Blue Ridgegroom follows bride up to deck at boat marinabride and groom hug looking over Lake Blue Ridgenewlyweds walk down boat marina on Lake Blue Ridge wedding daybride chases after dog during wedding photos by lakebride and groom hug by red tree before Lake Blue Ridge wedding daynewlyweds kiss on rock during Lake Blue Ridge photosbride and groom walk through woods at Lake Blue Ridgemarried couple sits with dog inside lake housegroom hugs bride during Lake Blue Ridge wedding portraitsLake Blue Ridge Wedding Ceremony

Their ceremony was officiated by a friend of the couple, and the three of them stood at the bottom of the porch while the guests stood at the top. It was kind of a reversal of what you often see at weddings and it worked perfectly! Everyone had a fantastic view from the upper porch but the couple still had a sense of being in a world all their own together. {Plus Max!}

bride talks to young guest during wedding day prep guests talk before ceremony at Lake Blue Ridgewoman helps bride with jewelry on wedding dayofficiant welcomes guests to wedding ceremony family takes a selfie with bride before weddingbride cries during waterfront ceremonybride and groom exchange vows during lakeside ceremony bride and groom kiss during ceremonybride shows off wedding band during Lake Blue Ridge ceremony groom pets dog during wedding ceremony photosofficiant looks at bride's hand during wedding photos family hugs bride and groomgroom hugs parents and wife at Lake Blue RidgeMost memorable moment from your wedding day?

Cindy: Watching our friends and family just surround us with joy, love and support.
Jeff: Knowing that I was behind him and being silly just eased the tension of the upcoming ceremony.

bride and groom cut wedding cakenewlyweds cut wedding cakeLow Boil & Reception

Afterwards came some really chill time while everyone hugged and congratulated the couple, and then eventually came the low boil on the back porch. I love a low boil, it’s such a fantastic and simple meal for a wedding! After everyone had toasted and eaten their fill, we closed the night by releasing memorial lanterns off the boat dock. It was a beautiful and touching ceremony, the perfect way to honor those who are no longer with us.

picnic table covered for low country boillow boil for reception at Lake Blue Ridgeguest sits and talks with groom at lake housewedding guest hugs bridefamily preps low boil for wedding receptionwoman rings bell for low country boil wedding guests enjoy low boilfamily and friends eat during wedding reception

What did you love about your venue/wedding location?

That we were able to house/host nearly our entire wedding list of select friends and family.

low boil on patio at Lake Blue RidgeLake Blue Ridge wedding reception for guests groom laughs during wedding receptionfamily enjoys wedding reception together

Any tips for future couples on how to prepare for their wedding photos?

Be honest with your photographer. Tell her the dark truth of your insecurities (hate your double chin, etc.) so that you know that she has your back on your actual wedding day.

Lake Blue Ridge wedding day photographed by Raven Shutley Studios bride and groom walk to see Lake Blue Ridgebride and groom kiss in front of Lake Blue Ridgesunset portraits on Lake Blue Ridgebride and groom hug on Lake Blue Ridge

LanternĀ ReleaseĀ memorial lanterns line walkway to lake house at Lake Blue Ridgememorial lantern release at Lake Blue Ridgefamily releases memorial lanternsfamily releases memorial lanternsfamily releases memorial lanternscouple hugs during memorial lantern releasecouple hugs during memorial lantern releaselanterns light pathway at Lake Blue Ridge house

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