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You may think you’ve seen beach weddings before.  But you haven’t.  Not like this.

Mackenzie & Jeff love Carmel, CA.  It’s obvious why: it’s freakin’ gorgeous, the weather is amazing, and West coast sunsets are like nothing you’ve ever seen here in the east.  But more than that, Kenz & Jeff are simply drawn to the ocean, and that theme played throughout their wedding day. From the menu at the reception {clam chowder & lo-boil} to Mackenzie’s accessories {starfish, jellyfish, shells}.  Even down to their rings, which had textures and colors imitating water.

I don’t just feel lucky to have been chosen to be there with Kenz & Jeff for their wedding: I KNOW that I’m lucky.

So many awesome details went into the day that truly made the wedding theirs.

  • They scheduled two whole hours for us to drive around and take pictures!
  • Kenz made the barefoot sandals that she and her mother wore to the ceremony.
  • A close friend was the officiate.
  • Their toasting champagne was mixed with elderflower liquor, lemon peel, and sprigs of lavender. {Delicious, btw.}
  • They had a shoe valet for their beach ceremony.

Let me tell you a little something about this couple.  They’re amazing.  They’re funny, they’re fun to be around, they were SO excited about taking pictures with each other, and they’re so ridiculously in love.

This is their wedding day.  Soon to follow: part one of their Fearless Bridal session on the cliffs & beaches of Carmel.

Thank you so much, Kenz & Jeff.


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