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Weddings, the wedding industry, and the wedding industrial complex are chock full of issues. And though this has always been true, 2020 has really begun to open more eyes to this truth. The industry is full of inauthenticity, gate-keeping, and manipulation all benefitting the hetero patriarchy. There are people who will happily tell you what you should do – and what you should definitely NOT do – for your wedding, people who tell you who you should and shouldn’t marry, people who just really need to give their unsolicited advice about your big awesome party day.

There are so many people opening their eyes and people who have been battling this way of thinking for a long time, and it’s those people I gravitate towards and lift up as my role models: the glass ceiling smashers, the subverters, those who dare to live life on their terms and plan celebrations in a way that reflect the humans marrying and not the greater “should’s and shouldn’ts”.

This year has given me even more hope when it comes to people breaking away and building both weddings and marriages that break the mold and fit them perfectly, and there are some changes I would love to see continue.

My Hopes for 2021

I hope that in 2021, the wedding industry continues to lift up marginalized voices and welcome everyone. Instead of ignoring issues that don’t “fit your brand” {if you think I’m talking to you, I am}, you become louder and prouder of supporting fellow vendors and the amazing couples who inspire us.

I hope that in 2021, I see more shapes and sizes and colors of humans. Weddings happen in a full rainbow!

I hope that in 2021, more couples feel welcome to be their authentic selves. No hiding your weird or faking it to please others, I want everyone to embrace who they are and what their love looks like.

I hope that in 2021, we feel stronger and more able to express ourselves. Creatively and in politics and when advocating for ourselves around the dinner table, our voices are important.

I hope that in 2021, we maintain this flexibility. This year has been the year of the pivot, and I’ve seen some truly impressive shifts and changes and inventiveness coming out of both vendors and couples alike.

I hope that in 2021, I get to meet you, because you’re completely rad.

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