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Nikki & Stephen // The Loft Marietta Wedding Day

Nikki & Stephen are married! I absolutely love these two. I met them a few years ago when they did a mini session with me. So, I was so delighted when they came back and said they were getting married. They told me that they wanted me to capture their Marietta GA wedding day because we really connected! My favorite thing about Nikki & Stephen’s wedding day is how much they stuck to the important things {to them}  for their Loft Marietta wedding day. They chose to have a split wedding day – which means that they had two big parts to their wedding day. Nikki & Stephen’s celebration was a great reminder that your wedding can truly be whatever you want it to be! 

bride and groom walk street in Marietta GA on wedding day

Wedding Ceremony at the Loft Marietta

Nikki & Stephen wanted to start off with an intimate ceremony at a unique and meaningful space, so they chose an art gallery off Marietta Square, the Loft. It’s so cool! Their guests were able to mingle with each other around the artwork and had drinks before the ceremony began. One of the reasons I like this space a lot is because not only is it an art gallery, but it actually has skylights, so you get some really, really cool effects, whether that’s some lens flare, or just like spotlights of light. It’s not the kind of lighting you would expect in an art gallery. And I really loved it for that. 

wedding bouquets sit in vases on black table at the Loft Marietta
groom mingles with guests inside the Loft Marietta before wedding ceremony
bride walks down art display at the Loft Marietta for wedding ceremony
wedding inside gallery of the Loft Marietta with light streaming in through skylights

Most memorable moment from your wedding day?

Definitely our vows and saying “I do,” but also when we entered the reception and the room erupted in applause and our friends were all shouting for us was so emotional and amazing.

bride and groom hold hands in front of floral arbor at the Loft Marietta
newlyweds sign marriage license with officiant in front of colorful art at the Loft Marietta

Marietta GA Wedding Portraits 

After their intimate ceremony among the art, Nikki & Stephen took a walk with me to drop off their marriage license in the mail. It was fun to get some photos of them at the post office! Nikki & Stephen actually specifically wanted a portrait of them doing that at one of the traditional blue mailboxes – super fun, right? Then I wandered around the always beautiful Marietta Square with the newlyweds for some more portraits. 

bride and groom kiss on corner of building in Marietta Square
newlyweds mail marriage license at blue mailbox in Marietta Square
bride and groom walk around corner of Marietta Square

What were you most anxious or nervous about regarding your wedding day and how did it turn out?

Nikki was convinced she’d forgotten some important detail (like the lunch reservations) but because of our wonderful partners/vendors, everything happened exactly as we imagined. 

Stephen was especially nervous about getting through the vows in one piece but everything went great! We were able to get through the vows together without sobbing which was definitely a 50/50 thing.

bride and groom walk by colorful murals throughout Marietta Square

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Honestly the day went perfectly and we can’t imagine it going better. I guess if we could bend space and time so that we had more time to be with our friends and family we would have done that!

bride and groom smile together during portraits in Marietta Square
bride and groom make silly faces in front of murals in Marietta Square

Marietta GA Wedding: Post-Ceremony Lunch

When we were done in the square, I dropped off Nikki & Stephen at MAC’s for a luncheon. They wanted to visit with their family and friends who came to the ceremony. When they were done, Nikki & Stephen snuck in some more portraits in the city with me before preparing for their reception. We were able to hit some really cool murals we had missed before. 

bride speaks with guests outside Mac's in downtown Marietta Square
bride and groom sit with guests inside Mac's in downtown Marietta Square

What did you love about your venue/wedding location?

The Loft had such beautiful light, and the art was really great. For Glover Park, apart from the staff who were amazing, the color scheme that we picked went so well with the interior of the venue and everything looked so good. 

We were also really focused on keeping things to the Marietta Square area, to keep it convenient and easy for us and for our guests. The whole day took place in a walkable area and it was great for everyone involved.

bride and bridesmaid show off shoes
couple thanks guests outside Mac's in downtown Marietta Square

Glover Park Brewery Wedding Reception 

The reception was at Glover Park Brewery. Nikki & Stephen were able to have a full-on cocktail hour and just enjoy their guests since we’d captured so many portraits beforehand. They also invited some new people to the reception who hadn’t been at the ceremony, so it was nice that they got to see everyone who was there to celebrate! Then, it was time to party! Nikki & Stephen had toasts and dances, like every reception, but they also just had a lot of fun little moments that were about them. Nikki & Stephen were sent off in a bubble exit {one of my favorite options for the end of the night!} and they drove away! 

guests smile at reception layout in Glover Park Brewery
bride and groom cut colorful wedding cake during Glover Park Brewery wedding reception
newlyweds listen to speeches during Glover Park Brewery wedding reception

What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

Hire good people that you can trust, so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than having fun on the day of your wedding. Read reviews! Ask questions! Hiring your vendors is a two-way job interview and it’s important to get people with whom you vibe and who will make sure their part of the day is taken care of. 

Secondly, do exactly what you want! If you don’t want to do something, or you don’t want to wear something, or something about a tradition makes you feel weird or bad, DON’T DO IT. This is your day, so make it what you want. Everyone who matters will be happy for you. 

groom takes selfie with wedding guests during Glover Park Brewery wedding reception
Lisa Frank coloring book on table of Glover Park Brewery wedding reception
wedding guests dance at Glover Park Brewery wedding reception in Marietta GA
wedding guests dance at Glover Park Brewery wedding reception in Marietta GA

Any tips for future couples on how to prepare for their wedding photos?

Raven will give you lots of awesome prompts to help you take good photos (from actual direction on what to do with your body to funny things to say to one another) but definitely think about making conversation while you’re having photos taken! Think about how to make one another laugh, and really just relax and have a good time. Definitely plan the shots you want to get so that you don’t miss anything (important people or places) but feel free to change it up and do what feels good when you’re in the moment.

wedding guests dance at Glover Park Brewery wedding reception in Marietta GA
wedding guests dance at Glover Park Brewery wedding reception in Marietta GA
wedding guests dance at Glover Park Brewery wedding reception in Marietta GA
wedding guests dance at Glover Park Brewery wedding reception in Marietta GA
wedding guests relax at Glover Park Brewery wedding reception in Marietta GA
bride and groom kiss leaving Glover Park Brewery
photo of newlyweds kissing in rearview mirror during bubble exit

Congratulations again, Nikki & Stephen! I absolutely loved your split-wedding day in Marietta, GA. It was a super fun celebration and so very true to who you both are. I’m thrilled that I could be there to document it all for you both. 

Marietta GA Wedding Vendors 

Planner: Marmaros Productions
Venue: Loft Marietta, Hilton Marietta, and Glover Park Brewery
Florist: A & J Flowers
Caterer: Toast by Maria
Bakery: Cake Me Away
Entertainment: Drag King Karaoke
Beauty: Risky Beauty and Lovesick Salon
Attire: Jos A. Banks and JJ’s House
Jewelry: Etsy and Shane Company 

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