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Whether the idea of non-monogamy is new to you or if you’ve been familiar with the concept and the term for a while, information on non-monogamous weddings {and planning non-monogamous weddings} is definitely scarce! Now, I’m not here to teach you about the concept or talk about what any of it means, but what I am here to do is to focus on the idea of planning a wedding for or as a non-monogamous person. {If this article is introducing you to the concept altogether, I’d highly recommend going down a Google rabbit hole for research! There are tons of resources out there.}

I’ve photographed polyamorous people before, like Libba’s family featured throughout this post, which consisted of Libba, two of her partners, and one of her partner’s partners. And next year, COVID-willing, I have the complete honor of capturing the wedding of a triad, or three-person relationship! I’m so excited; they’re such delightful people. Planning a wedding like that comes with its own unique list of questions and things to consider!

Tips for planning a non-monogamous weddingWhat is a Non-Monogamous Wedding?

Non-monogamy is an umbrella term for lots of styles of relationships and this can take so many different forms that it would be impossible to list here, but basically it comes down to being a wedding or relationship between MORE than just two people. {As you likely already know, marrying more than one person isn’t legally recognized in the US as of this writing in 2020, so depending on the person, these could be legally recognized weddings or commitment ceremonies. I consider those terms one and the same for this discussion.} So there might be three people marrying each other, there might be two people marrying each other with their other partner{s} or spouse{s} in attendance, or some other configuration entirely! And honestly? That’s the only difference, really!

Atlanta wedding photographer You are Raven shares Tips for planning a non-monogamous weddingWhat to Expect at a Non-Monogamous Wedding

Some Things That Might Be Different at a Non-Monogamous Wedding

If you’re a relationship of more than two people who are planning a wedding, think about what you’d like to share with your loved ones and build that into your ceremony. What is important to you? What are some of your core beliefs when it comes to relationships?

Will you have multiple ring exchanges or the typical two? Would there be anyone else recognized during the ceremony, like other partners, as significant people, or will the focus remain on the people marrying? Will there be more than one “official kiss”? And, will there be additional speeches or toasts given during the reception? Will more than two people be dancing with parents during the parent dances? What about during the official first dance? Maybe everyone dances at once or you skip this altogether! Do you want any time for photos with other partners during your couple portrait time? Or maybe you choose to include everyone at the engagement session but focus on the marriers at the wedding?

Once you’ve built a ceremony and a wedding that fits you perfectly, let your guests know what to expect, and maybe why to expect it. Like anything else, letting people in on the “why” behind important choices can help foster closeness and acceptance, especially if you have people in attendance who might not be familiar with your kind of relationship. And maybe, if you feel it helpful, give people a head’s up that there might be additional people smooching on your beloved! That’s definitely not something typically seen at monogamous weddings.

These are things to think over as you start planning and they’ll be different for everyone, which is totally okay! There’s no wrong answer, it just comes down to what YOU want.

tips for planning a polyamorous weddingSome Things That Might Be the Same at a Non-Monogamous Wedding

Pretty much everything else! No, seriously. Just like a wedding where the people marrying are two men, two women, a man and a woman, two non-binary people, or any combination of humans, weddings is weddings is weddings. It’s your best party. Your celebration of love in front of and with other people you love. And that’s what it comes down to: a great time coming together in celebration.

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