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Emma & Jose // Plaza Theatre Wedding in Atlanta

Plaza Theatre Wedding in Atlanta // Emma & Jose

Emma & Jose recently got married at the incredible Plaza Theatre here in Atlanta, GA. I absolutely LOVE this theatre and I was so happy to be back {See Amy & Rhys’ wedding here!}. The Plaza Theatre is beautiful, historic, and the perfect spot for movie buffs like Emma & Jose’s big day. They both love old Hollywood film vibes and the theatre is full of that energy. Emma & Jose really leaned into what makes hosting a wedding here unique so their day was super fun and totally them.

bride and groom smile in front of painting of tower inside the Plaza Theatre in AtlantaGetting Ready

The Plaza Theatre actually houses three movie theaters. The main one is right in the middle when you walk in and upstairs, there’s 2 older and smaller theatres. That’s where Emma & Jose each prepared. I thought it was SO cool to be able to use these spaces in the theatre and really nice that everything for the day was in one spot.

bride's yellow and orange bouquet sits on lip couch at Plaza Theatre in Atlanta

bride's blue shoes on floor of theater

bride laughs with mother while adjusting pin before Atlanta wedding

bride in off-the-shoulder gown holds bouquet of orange and yellow flowers

First Look

 After Emma & Jose were ready, they met up for a quick first look moment. It wasn’t a big ordeal – it was truly just for them to say hi and shake off the nerves before their ceremony.We talk a lot about how first looks are great for extra photos and special moments together, but sometimes – they’re just meant for you two to have a second. If I happen to be there to capture it, that’s great. But it doesn’t have to be a whole production if you don’t want it to be either!

bride and groom laugh together in lobby of Plaza Theatre in Atlanta

bride laughs during first look with groom at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta

What did you love about your venue/wedding location?

Me and Jose have been going to The Plaza since we first started dating and I loved how it was such a unique venue that also worked great for the casual mingle vibe we wanted. The Plaza also has such an old fashioned look. My friend said “it looks like it’s out of a Stanley Kubrick film and I mean that in the best way!” Even Jose’s more traditional family had a wonderful time. Also the Plaza was so wonderful and accommodating to us!

Wedding Ceremony at the Plaza Theatre

Emma & Jose got married on the stage of the theatre, with their guests sitting in the famous red seats. This is such a unique ceremony location and I think it’s just a lot of fun. Their videographer was amazing and actually live streamed the ceremony behind them on the screen. I hadn’t seen that done before and it was amazing! 

Our Feature Presentation sign for wedding ceremony on stage at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta

bride and groom walk down aisle for wedding ceremony at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta

newlyweds stand on stage with wedding party with ceremony live streamed behind them

What were you most anxious or nervous about regarding your wedding day and how did it turn out?

I wasn’t worried about anything going wrong, but I had a lot of general jitters. I’m on the autism spectrum, so sometimes unpredictability can make me anxious. Jose and me deciding we would do first looks and walk down the isle together with my groomsman Chris announcing everyone helped a lot because it became less about pomp and circumstance and more about getting to celebrate my wedding with all of me and Jose’s wonderful friends. As soon as we went down the aisle together, I felt a lot less anxious.

bride and groom kiss while wedding party claps on stage at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta

bride and groom hold hands walking up aisle after wedding ceremony in the Plaza Theatre

Atlanta Wedding Portraits

Photographing my couples at the Plaza Theatre might just be one of my favorite things in the world. There’s some really neat places for photos and Emma & Jose were down for anything. We started their portraits with their wedding party featuring the 3-D glasses, which is just super iconic for the theatre. I LOVED that Emma & Jose were so willing to lean into the flavor of this place. It makes everything more fun! Afterwards, I took Emma & Jose outside to get a photo of them with the marquee {one of the coolest things here and my personal fav}. We also played around in the photo booth and made sure to have a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 moment for Emma {which I’m totally here for} with the “Feature Presentation” display before we wrapped up.

newlyweds pose with wedding party in red seats with 3-D glasses at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta

bride and groom pop out of of Photo Booth inside the Plaza Theatre lobby

What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

ONE. It’s no one else’s wedding but you and your spouse, so you should both do your best to plan the wedding you want.  It’s easy for family to run in and try to take it over. Especially when they’re footing the bill, but really try to keep it your wedding because you’d so much rather have a wedding surrounded by people you and your spouse want, than 40 people your mother insisted had to come because they met you once when you were 5 or whatever.

Two. Weddings are really expensive, so if anyone in good faith wants to cover something, LET THEM. Jose’s parents covered our lovely rehearsal dinner and my Maid of Honor covered me and her hair and make-up for the wedding and I’m so grateful because I will be subsiding on the catering left-overs/lunch the lovely executive chef makes me at my job until I get paid next week. 😭

 Any tips for future couples on how to prepare for their wedding photos?

Be candid. Don’t get caught up on what pose will look good for Instagram. Your photographer is talented and a professional and trust them to pick up on your vibe. I also have been cosplaying for over 20 years, so I might have a ready been kind of use to posing for a lot of photos. 😉

black and white photo of couple's feet on Atlanta street

Plaza Theatre Wedding Reception

Emma & Jose chose to have a “mingling” reception {which has actually been super popular with my couples lately!}. Instead of a full sit down affair, Emma & Jose were able to have a quiet cocktail hour and really talk and hang with their guests. It’s been a nice change of pace! I love that things feel more intimate and you can spend time with your friends and family in a more relaxed way. The Plaza Theatre always makes for a great backdrop for your celebration. One of my favorite moments of Emma & Jose’s reception was their cake cutting, which took place at the concession stand. It was such a super cute location for that special moment. Emma & Jose really leaned into the movie vibes with popcorn boxes and other fun accents for their friends and family to enjoy, too! The Plaza Theatre also provided a photo booth background that guests could use for photos throughout the night – which was well loved and used by this group.

display of movie posters and guest book for Atlanta wedding reception

guests take photos inside the lobby of the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta

bride reaches across concession stand to cut wedding cake with groom

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

I would have cut the food we catered  in half. Originally when I reached out to Piju Belly, we had a guest estimate of 100. Life happened and many people couldn’t make it or had to rescind due to heath/family emergencies/finances. Now I have more Korean chicken in my fridge than I know what to do with! 

guest takes selfie with bride and friend during Atlanta wedding reception

woman looks at favors during reception in Atlanta

bride eats candy by concession stand at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta

guests pose in front of photo booth backdrop at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta

guests pose in front of photo booth backdrop at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta

guests pose in front of photo booth backdrop at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta

guests pose in front of photo booth backdrop at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta

Most memorable moment from your wedding day?

So once all the Old Folks left, we threw the bouquet. My groomsman Jamie caught it (an easy feat, he’s 6’4) and me and Jose just started jumping up and down and screaming and hugging and kissing him. Everyone grabbed flowers that fell on the floor and were shoving them into their suits and hair. Major Midsommer/Annihilation vibes. Jose got the whole thing on video and made a very funny edit inspired by a meme we both love. We keep watching it on loop.

bride and groom sit inside the Plaza Theatre looking at Our Feature Presentation sign

bride and groom sit in row of red chairs at theatre smiling together

Congratulations again, Emma & Jose! I adored your Plaza Theatre wedding day. It was amazing to be back at such a cool location – and with such cool people, too.

Atlanta Wedding Vendors 

Venue: The Plaza Theatre
Florist: Publix
Caterer: Piju Belly
Bakery: Windmill Bakery
Videographer: ValCinema
Beauty: Nick Archer
Groom’s Attire: Generation Tux
Bride’s Dress: The Sentimentalist

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