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Popular Wedding Trends

Why Would You Pay Attention to Wedding Trends?

If there’s one thing social media has been fantastic about it’s spreading information and ideas, and that goes double for things like wedding trends. While I would never encourage someone to follow a trend for trend’s sake, I do find value in seeing what new ideas, designs, palettes, and styles are going around. How can you decide what you like and what you don’t like if you don’t know what’s out there?

This is how we can work on thinking outside the box: we see what’s available, we see what other people are doing, and we bring with us the things we like while discarding the things we don’t. And thus we come to some of the popular wedding trends I’ve been seeing lately.

Calling these popular wedding trends might be a little misleading, though, because it all comes down to doing whatever the hell means something to you in whatever form that takes! And most of these trends are really just new directions that the wedding industry is taking. If 2020 and the COVID pandemic have shown us anything, it’s that change is inevitable and flexibility reigns.

lesbian couple on trampoline on wedding day

Wedding Dress Trends

The biggest trend that I’ve seen in regards to the wedding dress, and really all wedding clothing in general, is the move towards COLOR! And not just color, but texture and patterns as well. It’s been so exciting seeing people break out of the pure white box that we’ve been in for the past hundred years and harkening back to the days of more colorful wedding garb.

This patterned suit, for example, with a patterned bow tie, is a spectacular take on the traditional dark suit!

black groom in patterned suit

Niki chose a bright and amazingly dark pink and purple wedding dress, complimenting her huge personality and zest for life, and Morgan went with a fun bowtie to match his dark blue suit.

bride in pink and purple wedding dress ceremony

A black wedding dress is a timeless and elegant look, especially when paired with jewel tones.

wedding couple at cemetery with flowers

Madeline went with a soft pink wedding dress, turning her into a magical woodland fairy for her outdoor wedding day.

bride with bouquet pink wedding dress

And if full color is veering a little too far off the path for you, think about a dress with a colorful overlay like this gold one.

bride bouquet gold wedding dress

No matter what you choose, the point is to know that the options are out there! You don’t have to go with a white dress {or a black and white suit} if you don’t want to! You can also add pops of color in other ways, like with a sash, hair decoration, tie, shoes, etc.


Wedding Ceremony Trends

More and more, couples are embracing smaller ceremonies and smaller weddings in general. You’ve seen them called elopements, microweddings, miniweddings, intimate weddings, and everything in between. But all it means is not feeling like you have to invite the whole neighborhood if you don’t want to. A lot of couples, especially this year with all of the “COVID weddings” happening, are opting for a small ceremony now and a bit celebration next year! Essentially breaking the wedding into two parts in order to do it the way that truly represents and works for them.

wedding couples elopement ceremony

jewish wedding ceremony elopement walking down street

Whether a larger or a smaller gathering, I’ve been seeing a lot of weddings in the round, as well, where the wedding guests encircle the couple during the ceremony. This has always really appealed to me; I just love the idea that you’re, quite literally, surrounded by all your loved ones. PLUS it makes for some fantastic photo opportunities!

wedding ceremony in the roundWedding Reception Trends

One of the wedding reception trends I’ve really been enjoying is the desire to see your wedding reception reflect you as people. And even though the typical wedding you see has a huge reception with tons of dancing, what if that doesn’t really fit your vibe?

wedding reception mingling guests

wedding reception toast intimate dinner

I’ve seen a lot of weddings where they prioritize mingling and social interaction over dancing, instead they provide games, plenty of great food and drinks, or maybe just a meal and great conversation.

brunch wedding reception bride groom

games at wedding reception

And even if you do go the bigger reception route, don’t forget you can absolutely customize it to fit the two of you! Even if that means tossing a Kirby stuffed toy instead of a garter.

alternate garter toss wedding reception

Even, or especially, if that means acro yoga instead of dancing and horse head masks for the cake cutting.

bride groom horse head masks cake cutting acro yoga wedding reception

When it comes down to it, the point of being aware of what wedding trends are going on is the same as any awareness: to expand your mind and grow your ideas! It all comes down to what reflects you two as people, what works best for you, and knowing that you’re not limited by popular wedding trends, traditions, or anything else.

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