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Unique Wedding Trends for 2023: Inspiring Nontraditional Couples Everywhere

Inspiring Wedding Trends for 2023

Why Would You Pay Attention to Wedding Trends? Ideas for non-traditional couples looking for a unique and personalized wedding day.

Social media has always been fantastic for spreading information and ideas, and wedding Trends are no exception! while I definitely don’t encourage anyone to follow a trend just because it’s trendy, I find a lot of value in exploring new ideas, designs, pallets, and seeing what styles are going around and popular. it can definitely open your eyes and your mind to Concepts you never thought of before.

This is exactly how I encourage people to get started with thinking outside the box: we see what’s available, we see how other people are doing things, and then we bring with us those things that we like will discarding the things that we don’t. and with that in mind, here are some of the popular and unique wedding trends for 2023 and 2024 that I have been seeing throughout the wedding season already! 

Wedding Trends for 2023: Fashion Forward Choices

Grace Kelly Vibes:

Wedding fashion is leaning towards timeless elegance. Inspired by Grace Kelly, marriers are opting for classic designs, elevated by longer veils and thoughtful details.

newlyweds smile together overlooking water with bride's veil floating behind themnewlyweds hug with bride's embroidered veil around them under umbrellabride and groom stand facing each other holding umbrella handles’80s Aesthetic:

The boldness of the ’80s, complete with structured shoulders and oversized bows, is making a comeback.

woman in purple dress stands behind wife in vest and floral shirtwomen toss confetti standing in high grass during wedding photoswoman in purple dress with ruffle collar looks up at woman in vest with floral shirtInnovative Dressing:

Move over traditional gowns. Two-piece wedding dresses and suits are the rave, offering a chic and modern twist.

 two brides hug outside Hotel Clermont by palm treeswoman kisses partner's nose by green bush at Fernbank MuseumColor:

There’s been a huge move towards color and pattern when in comes to wedding clothing. It’s been so exciting seeing people break out of the pure white box that we’ve been in for the past hundred years and harkening back to the days of more colorful wedding garb.

bride and groom eat wedding cake at Upstairs Atlanta

bride and groom stand on staircase inside McRitchie-Hollis Museum

bride and groom hold hands walking on lawn at McRitchie-Hollis Museumbride in red jacket adjusts lipstick in mirrorNo matter what you choose, the point is to know that the options are out there! You don’t have to go with a white dress or a black and white suit if you don’t want to!

Wedding Ceremony Trends

More and more, couples have been embracing smaller ceremonies, and often quicker ceremonies, too! Whether it’s an elopement, a micro wedding, a mini wedding, an intimate wedding, or something else entirely, it definitely allows for more flexibility in your day. A number of my couples over the past few years have been breaking their weddings into two separate events: ceremony and reception!

Sometimes weddings call for more than a single day of celebration, especially if they’re destination weddings. A delightful blend of classic field day activities, camp Olympics, beach soccer matches, adventurous excursions or shows, and beach parties offers guests entertainment and acts as the perfect icebreaker. From raucous bacchanalias in Tuscan vineyards to DJ’d BBQs, there’s no limit to the celebration possibilities.

a practical wedding photographer (54)
Whether a larger or a smaller gathering, I’ve been seeing a lot of weddings in the round, as well, where the wedding guests encircle the couple during the ceremony. This has always really appealed to me; I just love the idea that you’re, quite literally, surrounded by all your loved ones. PLUS it makes for some fantastic photo opportunities!

grooms laugh during winter wedding ceremonycouple smashes glass during winter wedding ceremony
Wedding Reception Trends

One of the wedding reception trends I’ve really been enjoying is the desire to see your wedding reception reflect you as people. And even though the typical wedding you see has a huge reception with tons of dancing, what if that doesn’t really fit your vibe?

I’ve seen a lot of weddings where they prioritize mingling and social interaction over dancing, instead they provide games, plenty of great food and drinks, or maybe just a meal and great conversation.

And even if you do go the bigger reception route, don’t forget you can absolutely customize it to fit the two of you! Even if that means tossing a Kirby stuffed toy instead of a garter.

Even, or especially, if that means acro yoga instead of dancing and horse head masks for the cake cutting.

When it comes down to it, the point of being aware of what wedding trends are going on is the same as any awareness: to expand your mind and grow your ideas! It all comes down to what reflects you two as people, what works best for you, and knowing that you’re not limited by popular wedding trends, traditions, or anything else.

Embrace the Unexpected with Midday Ceremonies

Starting festivities earlier with midday ceremonies is gaining traction. Not only does this allow guests to recuperate for the evening’s shenanigans, but it also sets the stage for wild and unforgettable after-parties. Especially if you are like most of my couples, spending time with your loved ones can be the best part of the wedding!  So starting earlier in the day with a morning or brunch ceremony – or even extending your wedding to the entire weekend or longer! – can be a really great choice for that intentional time.

A Visual Feast: Decor, Design, and More

Dramatic Ceilings: Ceiling installations using florals, draping, lighting, and more are capturing hearts.

newlyweds cut wedding cake under handmade moon

Statement Aisles: Gone are the days of straight aisles. Curved and serpentine designs are in, adding an elegant touch to the ceremony. Personally, I have always been a fan of ceremonies in the round!

A World of Color: Playful palettes and wild patterns are making waves. Whether through textiles, florals, or fashion, color is an essential player.

groom wipes away tear with handkerchief during ceremony inside Upstairs AtlantaTech-savvy Planning: As digital natives enter the wedding scene, technology integrates seamlessly into the planning process.

Delight the Taste Buds

Tableside Charcuterie: Grazing boards are making their mark. From oversized displays to beautifully designed tablescapes, they’re here to stay.

Elevated Dining: Couples are partnering with Michelin-starred chefs and renowned caterers to create extraordinary culinary experiences.

spread for wedding reception in North CarolinaReimagine Wedding Traditions

Intimate Ceremonies: The actual ceremony is becoming a more private affair, with grand displays reserved for receptions.

Personalized Ceremonies: Couples are crafting ceremonies that reflect their unique journey, from the vows they write to unique unity ceremonies to cultural inspirations.

Little Gardens wedding ceremony in gardens with guestsMemorable Experiences for Guests

After-Party Surprises: Speakeasy-inspired lounges with specialty bars offer a delightful twist to the traditional after-party.

Mesmerizing Entertainment: Aerial acrobats, firework displays, and theatrical performances immerse guests in a magical world.

Magnificent Floral Displays: Flowers are more than just decor. Artistic installations, whether suspended or cascading, offer a visual treat.

bride and groom pose with wedding party in front row of Plaza Theatre inspiration for unique wedding trends for 2023End on a High

From midnight snacks, with offerings like fast food for those midnight cravings, to grand send-offs using LED balloons and streamers, the end of the wedding is as important as its beginning. I’ve seen everything from Waffle House food trucks to fast food deliveries to miniature grilled cheese and tomato soup shots!

newlyweds place order from Waffle House food truck on wedding daybride and groom eat chocolate chip waffle on wedding dayforks and Waffle House hatIn 2023 and 2024, weddings are all about the experience, blending tradition with modern innovations to create moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. For the nontraditional couple looking to craft a day as unique as their love story, the options are endless. Whether it’s bespoke fashion choices, tech-savvy planning, or grand entertainment, this year promises a celebration unlike any other. I hope that some of these wedding trends for 2023 have inspired you to plan the day of your dreams! 

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