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Wall Art, Wedding Albums, Prints, Etc.

family portraits, photos, and wedding albums all only ever increase in value.

here are a few things you should know when purchasing my Wall Art, Wedding Albums, Prints, Etc.

Still curious? Click here for a detailed blog post with everything you need to know about albums! Or, keep scrolling to explore purchase options.

wall art

prints on wood

My favorite thing about the prints on wood is that the printing method doesn’t use white ink!

This means that wherever there is a lighter shade, like a wedding dress, the wood grain comes through, lending a soft vintage look to the print.

Framed Prints

These aren’t your grandma’s frames. {And I say this as someone whose grandmother was a professional framer.} The lab I use for most of my products uses eco-friendly and sustainable methods in all of their offerings, and I’m proud to partner with them.

Instead of the traditional black or gold thin frames, these frames are made from reclaimed barn wood, and the print itself features a torn edge detail to match the rustic feeling of the frame. There’s a floating mat, meaning the museum-grade acrylic is unencumbered by anything in-between, meaning you can see through to the wall behind, resulting in a classic & rustic look.

Metal Prints

I’m completely obsessed with brightly colored and landscape images on metal! It’s out of this world, with a depth and colors that are even richer than on regular prints.

The print is transferred onto a thin sheet of aluminum, and it’s the same method that was used when photography was first invented! Remember something called “tintype”? Same thing!

“We just got the BEAUTIFUL print today - wow, thank you so much!!!! We love how the wood grain shows through. The composition and colors are amazing, and it really is the perfect size.”

- Teddi & Ivey


Folks, I adore these albums.

I offer two sizes: 10×10 and 8×8, the perfect sizes for a coffee table book or for keeping on the shelf to enjoy time and time again.

The cover is recycled linen with professionally archival-grade printed pages, and there is no gutter or ‘hump’ in the middle of the book, so images that stretch across both sides of the spread remain uninterrupted! My album design is free-flowing, minimalist, and focuses on the favorite images from the day.

The 10×10 comes with a base of 15 spreads*, and the 8×8 comes with a base of 10 spreads*, but most couples tend to add in extra pages to keep all of their favorites in the album!

*A spread = one left page + one right page.

all product pricing

Metal Prints

Thin metal sheet with the image printed on it. Rounded edges. Comes with a mounting block on the back for easy hanging. My favorite for brightly colored or dynamic images.

  • 11×14 – $175
  • 12×18 – $225
  • 20×30 – $575
  • 24×36 – $775
  • 30×40 – $1025

Image printed directly onto a wood plank, brings a warmth and slight wood grain texture to the image. My favorite for black and white or images out in nature.

  • 11×14 – $175
  • 12×18 – $225
  • 20×24 – $500
  • 24×36 – $675
  • 30×40 – $900

Frames created from reclaimed barnwood. Availabe with either a mat or a floating mat, which means transparency between the print and the frame, as seen in the image. Ready to hang mounting on the back.

  • 11×14 – $400
  • 12×18 – $475
  • 20×24 – $600
  • 20×30 – $625
  • 24×36 – $775
  • 30×40 – $875

A more classic look, but with a rustic element. Light or dark frames available as well as a few mat options. Ready to hang mounting on the back.

  • 11×14 – $300
  • 12×18 – $400
  • 20×24 – $600
  • 20×30 – $600
  • 24×36 – $875
  • 30×40 – $1150

Classic wall art look. Image is printed on canvas which is then stretched around a wooden frame. Mounting on the back makes hanging easy.

  • 11×14 – $225
  • 12×20 – $275
  • 20×24 – $300
  • 20×30 – $400
  • 24×36 – $500
  • 30×40 – $600

Two size options: A 10×10 album with 30 extra-thick pages and an 8×8 album with 20 pages. Regardless of size, these albums are custom-built based on the story of your day and your favorite shots.

The album will feature a sustainably-sourced linen cover and a lay-flat design, meaning your images will span across the two pages seamlessly. And I’ll do the heavy lifting here: no narrowing down or image choices to make!

Once the first draft is done, I’ll send it your way for approval or changes. Then we go back and forth for a total of three rounds until it’s perfect. Once it’s done at the lab, I have it shipped directly to you to cut down on time and waste!

  • 10×10 30pg Album – $1500
  • 8×8 20pg Album – $900
  • Additional Album Pages – $40/2 or $100/6

Ready to purchase, or have questions? Please email me at raven@ravenshutleystudios.com for next steps.