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Raves And Reviews

Marianna & Jonathan

I’ve waited so long to write this review because I wanted to make sure I adequately conveyed how much of a pleasure it was to work with Raven for our wedding. As a couple, we had different styles (one more traditional and comfortable/eager to be photographed, one less traditional and very camera-shy). We are deeply silly people, who wanted our wedding to be both solemn and fun. We thought it would be hard to find a photographer who could cover all those bases while generating artwork that would hang in our home forever. That’s a tall order! But then we found Raven. Her portfolio quickly caught our eyes because of the mix of fun/fantastical and deeply emotional work. When we spoke to her she was the height of professionalism, while remaining warm and coaxing us into being open about what we wanted. Our engagement session (included in the package we opted for) was – shockingly – FUN and got us comfortable with her, rather than a contrived pain in the neck. At the wedding, she and her fabulous second (Gabbie Burseth, another gem) again helped us feel at ease, capturing meaningful moments beautifully and organically. She was always looking out for us to make sure we were having fun and taking the time that we needed to enjoy the day. When the photos arrived (on time and conveniently) we couldn’t wait to share them with our family and friends. I wouldn’t have thought someone could capture so much of the magic and the feel of that day, but they managed it. I have and would continue to recommend her to anyone. She is professional, talented, fun, and (perhaps most importantly) kind. Do yourself a favor and talk to Raven.

Becca & Brittney

Months later, and I’m still amazed by everything Raven has done for us. We approached her nearly a year ago, via Offbeat Bride, to talk about an engagement shoot, knowing that it really wasn’t in our very small budget to hire her for the wedding. But when we explained our vision and she got to know us a little better, she started crafting a really wonderful, generous package just for us, that we knew we had to make room for in our budget. Even if she wasn’t enormously fantastic in every other way, that alone would have cinched it! But of course, she’s much more than her price tag. She’s easy to talk to, completely approachable, wonderfully goofy in her own perfect way, and I can’t imagine my wedding or the journey there without her–both as a photographer and as an addition to my life, in general! When our wedding was over, I told her that we were going to try and come up with other reasons to hire her as much as possible and I’m still working on that. Professional shots of the last day of school? Flag day? Valentine’s day dinner? Just a random night at our house watching Call the Midwife? Why not? 🙂 Thank you, Raven, and I can’t wait to see you again!

Rebecca & Ryan

In an industry where the culture makes you feel like you always have to do more and where pinterest can be a dangerous place, Raven is a breath of fresh air. Not once did we ever feel like what we were doing or what we wanted wasn’t “good enough”. She was so down to earth and it felt like we were hanging out with an old friend whenever we were taking pictures. My husband is extremely nervous when taking pictures, but you would have no idea in any of our engagement or wedding photos. Raven was absolutely spectacular and we feel like we won the lottery that we found her. She is very talented and somehow is able to capture the essence of you and your significant other. Every photo set I see from her just continues to reinforce that fact. We are so in love with our wedding photos and are so thankful that we got to work with her. Seriously, talk to Raven, you won’t regret putting your photos into her hands.

Colleen & Nick

Booking Raven was hands-down the best decision we made for our wedding! From our very first meeting we could tell she understood exactly the feel we were going for. She is fun, kind, extremely knowledgeable and of course, takes GORGEOUS photos. She makes every shoot feel natural and fun. We’ve gotten so many compliments on our photos after our engagement session and wedding, and we now consider Raven one of our dear friends. Absolutely wonderful!

Erin & Lauren

Raven was the photographer for our wedding and she exceeded our expectations. The final images were crystal clear, vibrant with color and her eye for contrast is incredible. Most importantly, Raven’s attitude and lively yet calm approach taking the pictures made both of us feel comfortable in front of the camera. She caught the spirit , the genuineness and joy at our wedding and also hidden moments were revealed. Raven with her lens captured memories and feelings that while for the most part are instilled in both our hearts and minds are also now framed now on our wall for the reminder.

Raven is a fantastic photographer but also one of those people you feel grateful to have met.

Melissa & Rob

Raven (and Nic, second shooter) were our super phenomenal wedding photographers! My husband and I loved working with them–they made us feel really at ease during the day, and Raven has a gift for coming up with weird things for us to say/do that resulted in a lot of natural smiles and laughter (aka great photos)! Raven also had a lot of good ideas for unique photos to take, or things to include in our photos (including juggling scarves and a cop car…we went with it, and are so glad we did!) It also meant that we had even more fun than anticipated on our wedding day! Seeing sneak peeks on Instagram was the best, and we had the full set of photos turned around pretty quickly, and they were staggeringly wonderful. I wanted to hire Raven partially based on some of the amazing backlit photos in her portfolio, and she made those kinds of photos happen for me, but she also brought in some that felt like they were unique to the day I had–so I got both the arty shots I wanted cause other people had them, and then also got all of these glorious photos that I didn’t even know I wanted but am so, so glad to have. Raven and Nic were one of the best parts of our wedding day, and they gave us amazing memories and photos to help us remember the people and the emotion and the sheer joy of the day. Would 110% recommend them to anyone looking to have photos taken at any point and for any reason!

Kyrstyn & Katie

Raven you are amazing, truly, the pictures are so beautiful and perfect and you did an incredible job at capturing the essence of every aspect of our wedding. We are so so so grateful for your wonderful work, your comforting personality, and your ability to make us feel comfortable enough to show our true selves in our wedding photos. The day wouldn’t have been the same without you and your magical spirit! We love you and could never thank you enough!

Stephanie & Ryan

I couldn’t have asked for anyone more professional, creative, and kind to be our wedding photographer. From the very first engagement shoot, Raven dug in and really got to know us and our personalities. On the day of the wedding, she handled any surprise or hiccup in plans with aplomb. 10/10 will hire for my next wedding 😉

Gwen & Kaitlyn

Raven was incredible! I’m always anxious about taking pictures and she made us feel completely comfortable. She gave us prompts and tips that were creative and really helped us let loose and have fun! The pictures turned out so great!

Matt & Jordan

We love the crap out of Raven!!!

We seriously could not have asked for a better a wedding experience than working with Raven. It was incredibly important to my husband and I that we found someone that was off-beat and super awesome in addition to being able to take a quality picture. So, I did a TON of research online into who we wanted to collaborate with. I came across Raven’s site and couldn’t take my eyes off her work and fell in love with her demeanor before we had even spoken a word. Raven “soared” beyond our expectations in literally every category. 

Having the desire to travel and being reasonably priced about it was a big concern for us as we had our wedding out in-the-middle-of-nowhere, West Virginia. Raven wasn’t only willing, but was pumped to venture out and explore the site that we had chosen. By the time we had first met with her in person she had already done research into our venue and thought it was just as awesome as we did!

Personality also was a huge factor in deciding who to go with and Raven totally stole our hearts. Being willing to meet with us in person over some coffee or through a Skype session to go over all the details of the day was totally cool. Not only does she talk business about pictures, but she asks question’s about your relationship and gets details on the entire day. She really cares that your wedding day goes well and is seriously a mini wedding planner holding a camera. When a family or wedding party member had a question of what was next or where they should be going now and couldn’t find us, Raven was always there, knew the answer and was a huge part of the day running smoothly. It’s something we weren’t expecting and really really appreciate.

Not only is Raven an absolute blast to work with in general, she is a creative genius when it comes to being behind the camera. The gallery of our wedding photos are astonishing. Raven and Nic did a phenomenal job and I couldn’t recommend her more to anyone.

Michael & Jenny

At our first sit-down to figure out the details of our wedding, my wife and I knew that photography was one of our big priorities. In terms of both meeting our requirements and surpassing expectations, Raven was the best vendor we worked with for our wedding. My wife and I were both very comfortable with Raven. Our wedding, which was in Georgia, was mostly planned while we were out of the country, which presented some challenges when finding and deciding on vendors. We were confident in picking Raven because of the time and effort for us to get to know each other. Chatting via Skype and answering our many emailed questions, Raven put in hours of work before we booked her.

While we knew photography was one of our priorities, we were cost-conscious. Raven was helpful in figuring out the details of what we wanted in our photographs, and she was presented us with various packages. She translated our priorities into her photography: the joy and intimacy of our daytime wedding, kids running around being kids, dancing, even a piñata that led to some fabulous photos. She travelled 5 hours for our engagement shoot and worked with my wife to surprise me with the location. Raven has set a new standard for communication leading up to and continuing beyond the wedding.

For me, one of the biggest things about our photos is that while they are clearly us and capture our feelings, they also offer a different perspective that I wouldn’t have had. Raven saw things at my wedding that I wasn’t part of, and through her photos I’ve been able to experience parts of my wedding that I would have missed.

In short, I wholeheartedly recommend Raven for your engagement and wedding photography – for her gorgeous color and black & white photos; fun, relaxing, organized self; prompt communication; and speedy post-processing with multiple ways to view and save photos plus a few unexpected gifts!

Sheri Bagheri

We had a wonderful time with Raven! She made us feel super comfortable and we had fun during our photoshoot! We were able to be our authentic selves with her, and she had some tricks for getting some great shots of us! We were so pleased with the results and would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer that really cares about capturing genuine moments. Thanks, Raven!

Erin Anastasia Rauch

My boyfriend and I had an amazing experience shooting with Raven. Rather than posing us for each shot or simply leaving us to our own devices, she gave wonderful prompts that allowed my boyfriend and I to interact with one another genuinely while she captured our reactions to one another. The resulting photos were MAGICAL. I feel like she truly captured our joy and delight in one another. Nothing about our shoot felt forced or contrived. It was an absolute blast. Raven makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. She’s encouraging and positive. I definitely recommend her as a photographer!!

Katie Wright

Raven’s work is stunning! She is easy to work with and made my husband and me feel 100% comfortable infront of the camera. We did engagement and wedding photos with Raven. She captured true happiness and our personalities in every shot. Our pictures turned out better than we could have imagined and I can’t wait to work with her in the furture!

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