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Villa d’Este Pre-Wedding Portrait Session // Kelsey & Rowan

I knew I wanted to do something amazing with Rowan & Kelsey for their pre-wedding portrait session in Italy before their elopement day. Since we were all traveling to this beautiful country, we wanted to make the most of our time in Italy. We discussed the idea of a pre-wedding portrait session and were trying to figure out exactly what we wanted to do. It took some research to hit on the right plan. Luckily Rowan is a research GOD and we found the beautiful Villa d’Este and its gardens in Tivoli. Bingo! We could capture their pre-wedding portrait session while doing and experiencing something cool. I couldn’t say HELL YES fast enough.

Because Rowan & Kelsey are great planners, they left some pockets of time unplanned in their schedule for their Italian elopement. This is such a great idea that I want to share with you. When you’re making the trip to elope somewhere special, leave time to explore and enjoy the new location {and your guests}! Rowan & Kelsey discussed the idea of this really beautiful portrait session as a way to help on their wedding day, too. By capturing this truly epic portraits, we could have a more relaxed schedule on the day of their actual wedding event. It worked super well for these two!

Pre-Wedding Portrait Session in Italy

So, anyway. Back to Villa d’Este! As soon as we landed, we dropped our stuff at our AirBnb and met up with Rowan & Kelsey out front. Rowan & Kelsey then motored us to the other side of Rome with some expert driving skills. Getting to hang out with these two a little bit more was such a treasure. Not to mention, they got to catch us up on everything they’d learned so far in Italy, like pro tips on the public transit and where the best local gelato was! Clearly, important stuff.

Before long, we arrived at the beautiful Villa d’Este. This villa is one of the symbols of the Italian Renaissance and sits in Tivoli, near Rome. While I knew that this place was going to be incredible, I truly had no idea what to expect. Rowan & Kelsey {to no one’s surprise} chose well. The villa and gardens were stunning and I couldn’t have asked for a better first day in Italy!  I LOVED being able to explore the natural world here. So did Rowan & Kelsey. In fact, Rowan and I have come to realize we’re very much kindred spirits. While exploring, we began Rowan & my new favorite thing: turning to each other with “can you freaking believe this?!” gestures. Everywhere you looked was magical.

There were outstanding views, enormous fountains, sculptures covered in moss and ferns, it was phenomenal. And just before sunset, we hiked through Villa Gregoriana as well, full of waterfalls and amazing nature as well as some of the spookiest and coolest caverns! It was seriously the best pre-wedding session that I could have imagined for Rowan & Kelsey! We also lucked out because the gardens were pretty empty. Major tip here: if you’re planning a destination elopement, plan to explore and be wed on a weekday. It helps a lot with crowds! (Read more tips here about elopements in Italy!). Rowan & Kelsey, thank you for asking me to be your photographer for this trip. I’m still in awe of our entire experience!

engaged couple walk through streets of Italy bride and groom pose outside fountains in Tivoli Italy view from Villa d'Este in Tivoli, Italy couple holds hands walking through house at Villa d'Esteengaged couple admires artwork in Villa d'Esteengaged couple stands at stop of Villa d'Este overlooking the city couple hugs on path during Villa d'Este pre-wedding portraitsview from top of Villa d'Este in Tivoli Italy engaged couple holds hands walking down steps inside Villa d'Estegroom twirls bride by fountain at Villa d'Esteengaged couple sit together alongside fountain at Villa d'Esteengaged couple walks through garden pathway in Tivoli Italy engaged couple holds hands walking through Villa d'Este gardens bride and groom hug in arch during Villa d'Este pre-wedding portraitspanoramic portrait of engaged couple hugging in garden of Villa d'Estebride and groom sit on edge of fountain inside Villa d'Esteruins of Villa d'Este in Tivoli Italy groom helps bride look over edge of window in Tivoli Italy bride and groom hold hands in covered garden at Villa d'Estestone wall inside gardens of Villa d'EsteVilla d'Este pre-wedding portraitswoman takes a photo of city outside Villa d'Estegroom takes a photo of bride walking down brick pathway inside Villa d'Estecouple hugs by waterfall during Villa d'Este pre-wedding portraitsview of Tivoli Italy from inside Villa d'EsteGet In Touch to Plan Your Wedding Day

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