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Elegant Southern Wedding in Marietta // Margaret Rose & Andrew

Scottish Church Wedding in Marietta // Margaret Rose & Andrew

Margaret Rose & Andrew packed so many important things into their elegant southern wedding that were all incredibly important to them and indicative of who they are as a couple. They’re students of history and their lives are steeped in important traditions. In fact, many of which they tied into the wedding day itself. Margaret Rose’s dress, for example, has been handed down through multiple generations of brides!

The couple had so many amazingly supportive people with them on their wedding day! And the day was full of old-fashioned touches and decor mixed in with some classic Southern elements like magnolia leaves: every aspect was chosen with consideration and chock full of meaning.

Photos from their Scottish Church Wedding in Marietta:

Most memorable moment from your wedding day?

Andrew and I chose two hymns for the ceremony that are each very meaningful and special to us. During one of them, I looked back and scanned the congregation. It was so sacred to see so many of our friends and family packed in our 19th-century sanctuary and hear their voices and the organ swell with joyful song. There were so many times during the wedding planning process when I just wanted to throw in the towel and elope, but seeing all of those people, who were there to wrap their arms around us and rejoice with us, made it all completely worth it!

Funniest moment on your wedding day?

My mom hired two of my brother’s friends to be her “helpers” throughout the day. At the end of the evening, they brought my sweet dog, Mamie, to the Whitlock Inn to say goodbye to Andrew and I as we left the reception. As she kissed (licked) us goodbye, sporting a big white bow around her neck, the crowd that had gathered on the porch began to chant her name. We drove away in a Rolls Royce to the sound of 200 people chanting, MAMIE MAMIE MAMIE and her black tail wagging incessantly.

What were you most anxious or nervous about regarding your wedding day and how did it turn out?

The wedding day encompasses about a million moving parts. I wasn’t anxious about anything specifically, but I was worried about all of those parts (& people!) coming together at the right time and place. To our surprise and relief, everything came together perfectly. Having a wedding day coordinator was a major part of that success!

What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

Make the ceremony your priority. As long as Andrew and I were married at the end of the day, in a ceremony that reflected our beliefs and personalities, everything else was just a minor detail. Small things like napkin design and bridesmaids shoe color aren’t worth stressing over!

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

We wouldn’t change a thing!

Any tips for future couples on how to prepare for their wedding photos?

Find a photographer that makes you laugh! I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the idea of being in front of the camera. But the day I met Raven I knew she would make me giggle and relax throughout my wedding day. Our wedding party and families enjoyed working with her as well!

Thank you so much, Margaret Rose & Andrew, for having me at your elegant southern wedding!

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