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Rykie // Star Wars Birthday Cosplay Portraits with a Lightsaber in Atlanta

Happy birthday, Rykie!! I’ve known Rykie for a number of years and we’ve worked together in the past to create some truly fantastic shoots together. For her 40th birthday, Rykie reached out about planning a Star Wars inspired portrait session with lightsabers and her best friends. Honestly, I was stoked to plan such a cool experience with her! 

Star Wars Cosplay Portraits with Lightsaber

Near Rykie’s house, there’s a super cool tunnel along the Beltline. We decided that would be the perfect spot for these Star Wars birthday portraits. Our number one goal from the session was to just create really epic shots and I had so much creative freedom to do that {thank you, Rykie!}. Behind the scenes, I started to plan out our session. I wanted to make sure Rykie and each of her friends got a few things: long exposure movement with the lightsaber, a portrait that you might see on a classic Star Wars poster, and just some fun and playful photos with the lightsabers, too. 

We had a TON of fun working together to create these images, but the shoot was definitely longer than you might think. To pull off some of these photos, there was a lot of behind-the-scenes work that had to happen. The light and color of each saber performs differently on camera so there was definitely some trial and error happening for us! Rykie and her friends were amazing sports and worked with me to make sure it was exactly what they wanted. It was truly a collaborative experience that I’m grateful for.  

If you’re inspired by this out of the box creative shoot, let’s talk so we can plan the session of your dreams! 

man wields blue lightsaber during Star Wars cosplay portraits
woman moves purple light saber during nighttime Star Wars cosplay portraits
woman poses in Rebel inspired outfit for Star Wars birthday photos
man holds two light sabers during Atlanta GA portrait session
woman holds lightsabers at night during Star Wars cosplay portraits
man's face lit by blue lightsaber during Star Wars cosplay portraits
dramatic portrait for woman holding pink lightsaber
two friends pose under tunnel during Star Wars cosplay portraits
woman moves purple light saber down during Star Wars cosplay portraits
woman moves two light sabers together during Star Wars cosplay portraits
couple stands facing each other with purple light sabers
three friends hold up light sabers during Star Wars cosplay portraits

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Ready to plan your Atlanta cosplay session?

As a local portrait photographer, I’ve helped plan cosplay portrait sessions all over north Georgia and beyond! I’d love to help plan yours. Reach out and let me know what you’re thinking!



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