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I’m shooting Theresa & Nate’s wedding next year.

In case it’s not obvious why I’m stupidly excited about this fact, I’ll tell you.  The entire time I was editing their session, I had the biggest smile on my face.  And it’s not something that happens super often.  Normally, it’s “intense-concentration” face with a little “ahh!” of artistic relief every couple of pictures when one just clicks into place.

Not this one.  I smiled, like a fool, at my computer screen for the entire session.

I remember being super nervous when we met for the first time.  Again, normally I get a little stage fright, but this was different.  I wanted them to like me SO much.  They were SO COOL.  {Still are.}

Their session was a photographer’s dream.  At least, this one’s.  The session went so fluidly I was shocked when I realized how fast it had flown by.  It was SO MUCH FUN.

They’re so easy together.  Fit each other perfectly.  All of the smiles you see?  Completely genuine.

And because Nate is a genius when it comes to plants {and just about everything else}, we all learned things that day, too.  Like not to sit down in thistles.  {My discovery, not his.}

Thank you, Theresa & Nate.  YOU ARE AWESOME.  I can’t wait for your wedding.  😀


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