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Top 7 Outdoor Engagement Photo Locations in Georgia

You did it — you’re engaged! Now comes the time to make plans for which location you’ll use for your engagement photo session — will you go a more traditional route, or try something adventurous, like having them outdoors? While the plan and locations of your engagement photo session is a conversation to have with your photographer, it doesn’t hurt to get the ball rolling on location ideas!

If you’re looking for a stunning view or a gorgeous nature scene but you’re a non-hiker, never fear — Georgia has so many wonderful outdoor locations in nature for you to choose from. After all, the peach state is in the top five of states with the most trees in the US. While some might envision Georgia as a haven for hikers and nature enthusiasts, the 7 locations I’ve suggested don’t require you to be an avid trekker.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens portrait session for couple's anniversary
Victoria & Jason’s Anniversary Portraits at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

1. Atlanta Botanical Garden

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is a haven for nature lovers and couples seeking a serene, botanical backdrop for their engagement photos. 

The garden features a vast array of colorful flowers, unique plant sculptures, and tranquil water features, making it a dreamy setting for capturing your love in full bloom. One of the things I love most about the Atlanta Botanical Garden is the constant rotation of art installations and exhibits. You could go once a month throughout the whole year and see something different every visit! For engagement photo sessions, they do charge a fee, but that also comes with a concierge to escort us around the gardens and make sure we really get the most use out of your time.

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couple holds hands standing together in Athens Botanical Gardens
Hannah & Peter’s Engagement Session at the Athens Botanical Gardens

2. Athens Botanical Garden

The Athens Botanical Garden is a smaller botanical garden that tends to be much more laidback, but diverse in landscape and scenery. 

There are trickling streams, open fields, a beautiful gazebo, and a huge tropical greenhouse. The Athens Botanical Garden’s meticulously curated landscapes, from enchanting floral displays to winding pathways, create a dreamy atmosphere.

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couple poses by tall canyon wall during engagement session
Kylee & Michael’s Engagement Session at Providence Canyon

3. Providence Canyon State Park

Providence Canyon State Park stands as a natural masterpiece and a testament to the breathtaking beauty of Georgia’s landscape. Aptly dubbed “Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon,” the park’s stunning array of vibrant-hued, towering canyon walls are mesmerizing, and the picturesque trails wind gently through the canyons offering you a chance to immerse yourselves in the diverse flora and fauna that call this enchanting place home.

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couple sits with child on stone wall at Oakland Cemetery
Kris, JP, & Sidney’s Family Portraits at Oakland Cemetery

4. Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta

While it may seem unusual, Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta offers a unique and historic setting for engagement photos, and I love shooting here! 

I tend to shoot here a handful of times each year, and it’s always a delight. This enchanting cemetery is not only a peaceful oasis but also a historic landmark featuring stunning architecture, sculptures, and beautiful gardens, providing an ethereal ambiance. There is a greenhouse, huge magnolia trees, classic architecture, as well as beautiful plants and flowers.

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bride and groom pose by large tree in Savannah GA
Lucas & Sarah’s Backyard Wedding Portraits in Savannah

5. Savannah

Savannah’s historic district is a true gem, boasting a mix of charming cobblestone streets, beautifully preserved architecture, and enchanting parks. 

Stroll hand-in-hand through Forsyth Park, with its iconic fountain and lush greenery, or explore the historic squares adorned with majestic oak trees draped in Spanish moss. The historic district’s romantic ambiance makes it an ideal setting for capturing intimate moments. Or enjoy the UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium, and get a stunning view of both forest and seaside, some of the best views I’ve seen outside of a mountaintop!

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grooms hug by lake during Greystone Estate wedding portraits
Zach & Kartik’s Wedding Portraits at Piedmont Park in Atlanta

6. Piedmont Park in Atlanta

For couples seeking a metropolitan vibe without venturing into the wilderness, Piedmont Park in Atlanta fits the bill. 

This sprawling urban park offers a stunning cityscape backdrop with the city’s skyline in the distance. Take a leisurely walk around Lake Clara Meer, pose by the elegant bridges, or grab one of the many spots with the iconic Atlanta skyline in the background.

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man brushes back woman's hair during Millennium Park engagement session
Kyla & Tim’s Engagement Session at Millennium Park in Atlanta

7. Most State or Local Parks!

Your special moment as an engaged couple can be captured at any state or local park if you don’t have the bandwidth or budget to shoot at any of the above outdoor locations. I have shot many engagement photo sessions for couples at several parks across the state, but here are four that I think you’ll love:

Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area in Atlanta

Discover the natural beauty along the Chattahoochee River through picnicking, fishing, and leisurely walks along the riverbanks.

Amicalola Falls State Park in Dawsonville 

Enjoy the impressive views of the 729-foot waterfall from the easily accessible overlooks and stroll through the serene gardens.

Cloudland Canyon State Park in Rising Fawn

While some areas may require hiking, the park also offers easily accessible overlooks with stunning views of the canyon.

Sweetwater Creek State Park in Lithia Springs 

Enjoy scenic views of the creek and the ruins of a textile mill along the Red Trail, which is a relatively easy walk.

If you look near you in Georgia, you’re bound to find some easy trails! I also highly recommend AllTrails, for trail research.


Animated gif of couple throwing up leaves in their backyard during engagement session
Holly & Andrew’s Atlanta Engagement Session

Bonus: Your Own Backyard!

My top choice location will always be somewhere that holds meaning for you and your partner, so why not start at home? It’s such a wonderful and comfortable way to start, or end, a photo session!

Plus you would be able to style your own backyard with anything you could imagine having in the imagery and aesthetic of your engagement photo session.

Georgia’s diverse landscapes and rich history offer a myriad of choices for non-hikers seeking the perfect engagement photo location. From botanical gardens and urban oases to historic sites and serene lakesides, you’re sure to find a beautiful backdrop that reflects your unique love story without you breaking a sweat.

portraits in high brush in Little Mulberry Park
Rachel & Logan’s Engagement Session at Little Mulberry Park

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