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Tree Room Elopement in Athens, GA// Jada & Jacob

This Tree Room elopement in Athens was inspired by a handful of pieces that all fell together perfectly. I’d wanted to photograph the Tree Room in Athens for a while now, an incredibly versatile and unique space unlike any other I’ve ever seen. I mean it’s literally built around the trees! The next piece was connecting with Jada & Jacob, a gorgeous and really fun couple, and then finding and renting this awesome dress from Lael Collection. The next piece before officially mapping everything out was to include Courtney Musick, one of my go-to hair & make-up artists who is incredibly talented and so much fun to work with!

Styled Elopement in Athens, GA

The purpose of this shoot was to show what an elopement in Athens could potentially look like. I’ve been passionate about showing off new ways to design your wedding, or especially your elopement – one of the reasons I’m now a part of the amazing resource Elope NC, who share that passion – and displaying how an Athens elopement could potentially look was part of that! I’ve always really enjoyed photographing in Athens. Between the unique spots and the street art all over downtown, there’s always something new.

We started out at the Tree Room, which really is a perfect venue for either a full-on wedding or elopement. And, I wanted to show all my favorite aspects that you’d see at your wedding. There’s the koi in the ponds and a small garden area. Not to mention, the huge tree in the middle of the floor, and the old industrial brick walls and metal railings. It’s a great mix of urban and rural pieces.

From there we explored downtown Athens. We went hopping from mural to mural and stopping any time we were inspired… which was often. I definitely wanted to hit all of the biggest players. But I also paused any time there was especially gorgeous color or lighting. Jada & Jacob were an utter delight to work with. Not only are they hilarious and really just my kind of people all around, but they were so chill and up for anything for the art.

Thank you to everyone who helped me design and pull off this shoot!

couple poses in corner of brick walls in Athens GAmarried couple sits on brick wall at Tree RoomTree Room elopement portraits in Athens GAcouple hugs by brick wall at the Tree Roombride twirls wedding dress on dock at the Tree Room Athensnewlyweds stand on metal bridge at The Tree Room Athensgroom hugs bride with dress floating in air by mural in Athens, GAmarried couple poses outside building in Athens GAstylized elopement portraits in Athens GA by Elope NCnewlyweds pose by metal pole outside building in Athens GAnewlyweds stand nose to nose under palm tree in Athens GAgroom makes bride laugh by "Hey Baby" muralnewlyweds hold hands walking down street in Athens GAbride and groom laugh walking down road in Athens GAgroom kisses bride's cheek during elopement portraits in Georgiabride and groom look at each other under white tree in Georgia bride and groom pose under white blossoms in Athens GAbride snuggles into groom's shoulder in Athens GAnewlyweds smile together under spring tree in Athens GAbride laughs in custom white gown for wedding daybride laughs during portraits n Athens GA

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