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What to Expect From Your Wedding Photographer: After the Big Day

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Whew! First of all, take a deep breath (and maybe a sigh of relief) you made it! Revelry was had and everything came to fruition, now it’s time to settle back into your routine with your spouse. This is, ironically, both an exciting and a relaxing time after all the excitement!

So what does working with me look like AFTER the wedding day?

You’re Married. Now What?

A few days after the wedding I’ll be in touch with next steps and remind you about my turnaround times so you’ve got all the information at your fingertips. I always aim to give you the info you need, when you need it, so you’re not hunting back through emails to find anything. Along with all of the info, I’ll be sending a questionnaire (you know I love a good questionnaire) for you to share some insight and advice on wedding day specifics. I’ll collect your thoughts and share them along with some photos on my blog. I love gathering advice while it’s fresh in your mind and how fun is it to relive your big day thinking back?!

Sneak Peek

Then the big work begins on your images. A few weeks after the wedding, I’ll have a handful of images ready for you, a sneak peek! Those will go up on Insta and I’ll be sure to tag you so you can see them. And if you’re not an Instagram person, no worries, I’ll be emailing those over instead. My only concern is to make sure you get to see them ASAP!

Gallery Delivery

About 8-10 weeks after the wedding, your gallery will be delivered to you and I can’t express how over the moon I always feel when it comes time to send you everything. I get SO EXCITED to show you your images! You’ll receive an email and instructions — though if you’ve done other sessions with me before this point, the instructions should be familiar to you. You’ll receive: your exclusive link, the link to share with friends & family, and a mini-movie slideshow I’ve created for you. Then, once your gallery has been delivered, we’ll start your print or album process!

Print Process

If your wedding package includes an 11×14 print, I’ll send you information about how that process works. The media options are printing on wood or metal, and I definitely have opinions about what kind of image ideally goes on each. 

My favorite thing about the prints on wood is that the natural wood grain shows through the lighter areas, creating a soft and warm feel. No two boards are exactly alike, so each one has its own special character. I love, love, LOVE black & white photos or photos out in nature on wood boards, the wood really brings them to life!

I’m completely obsessed with brightly colored and landscape images on metal. The depth and colors are out of this world and are even richer than on regular prints. The print is then transferred onto a thin sheet of aluminum, and is the same method that was used when photography was first invented! Remember something called “tintype”? Same thing!

And all of the wall art I offer comes ready to hang on the wall, just put up a few push-pins or nails. My goal is for this whole process to be as simple and fun as possible for you. Let’s get them on your walls!

Slightly out of focus image of a page being turned in a printed photo album by Raven Shutley Studios

Album Process

Folks, I adore these albums. I offer two sizes: 10×10 and 8×8, the perfect sizes for a coffee table book or for keeping on the shelf to enjoy time and time again.

The cover is recycled linen with professional archival-grade printed pages, and there is no gutter or “hump” in the middle of the book, so images that stretch across both sides of the spread remain uninterrupted! My album design is free-flowing, minimalist, and focuses on the favorite images from the day.  The 10×10 comes with a base of 15 spreads* and the 8×8 comes with a base of 10 spreads*, but most couples tend to add in extra pages to keep all of their favorites in the album!

*A spread = one left page + one right page.

There are lots of reasons why you should consider getting your images professionally printed, but a major one is preserving the quality of your images. So, if your wedding package includes an album, then I’ll send you all the information you need on how that process works. Because I want this process to be as smooth and fun as possible for you, I’ll never ask you to narrow down or choose images for your album: that’s an overwhelming and nearly impossible task!

What I would love, however, is if you could mark any favorites as you’re going through your gallery: as many or as few as you like. Though I’ll be building the design with a focus on telling the story of your day, I’ll be keeping these favorites in mind as I do! You’ll have about a week to mark your favorites and then I’ll begin the design process.

Two weeks later, I’ll send you the design for proofing and walk you through that process. You’ll have a week to get back to me with any changes and we can have up to three rounds of revisions total with up to a week of time allowed for each round. I’ll remind you as we go how much time you have between rounds.


After you’ve approved your final design, the files will be prepped and sent to print, after which the album will be printed and sent directly to you within four weeks. And regardless of if you have a print or an album delivered, they’re going to be shipped directly to you from the lab. This was an intentional choice for a number of reasons including speeding up delivery times and sustainability in mind. Within a few weeks of ordering, you should have everything in hand and I’ll follow up around then to make sure you have everything you need.

Not “Bye”, But “See You Later!”

Till next time! Anniversaries, maternity, family, new pet, new house, or any other reason under the sun, I simply can’t wait to see you again for your next adventure in life, large or small. As always, if you have any questions at all — don’t hesitate to reach out. 

xo Raven

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