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Your Wedding Party

Congratulations, you’re engaged! And you’ve now reached the point where you choose the people who will stand up with you during the ceremony. Though this group of folx is sometimes referred to as the “bridal party,” that term doesn’t always apply to the people getting married, and it completely leaves out people who aren’t brides!

So you may be looking for a more inclusive or even just a different term for “bridal party,” “bridesmaids,” and “groomsmen, and luckily there are so many options!


Gender-Neutral Wedding Party

When it comes to referring to the entire group of people who will stand up with you during the ceremony and may also perform other helpful duties in the planning process, the sky is the limit! While “wedding party” and “wedding attendants” tend to be the easiest go-to’s, I’ve heard such creative ideas from my couples over the years.

“Our best people” or “the people standing up” works just as well as all these cutesy names. But you don’t have to have a name for these people at all, if you don’t want. Keep it simple, just call them by their names. Go with what feels right!

Nerdy and Cute Wedding Party Names

Some of my couples have gone with nerdy references, like calling the entire wedding party “The Fellowship,” adventure party, henchmen/people, bridesminions, or labeling the two sides as factions, like Jedi and Sith. You could take a theatrical approach and go with: team, company, “the players”, cast, band, or crew. You could get cheeky with: pack, coven, lot, party people, entourage, and rogue’s gallery. Or you could keep it easy-going with: circle, in-crowd, squad, inner circle, pals, and mates.

Personally, I adore names for groups of animals. Most of them are completely hilarious and could fit a specific group of people quite well, depending on your group dynamics. Some favorites that could work well are troop, flock, coalition, herd, pack, pod, clan, conspiracy, and hive. {Hive would work especially well if these people will be giving their input, like hivemind, or buzzing around on the day of the wedding helping out!} And I think it would be adorable to refer to your group of folx as a “dazzle” {as in zebras} or a “flamboyance” {as in flamingos}!

Best Man, Best Woman, Best People

If you have a specific person you want to call out with a special title, the first idea that might come to mind is just swapping the typical term with something that matches them. Anyone marrying who has a man in this position has a Best Man! And anyone who is marrying who has a woman in this position has a Best Woman! And if that position is someone of another gender, Best Person, Best Friend, Best Sibling, and Best “Their Name” are all options!

I’ve seen recommendations to swap Maid of Honor with Made of Honor, and if there’s a pun to be made, I’m for it! Friend of Honor, broomsmate/gridesmate {a combination of bride/groom}, or no specific title at all! Just think about how you’d like to refer to them, go with your gut, pick what feels natural. Maybe reach out to these people to get their feedback. How would they like to be referred to? You may be surprised to find out how they feel!

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