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Two grooms in matching blue suits hold hands and look into eachother's eyes before their Atlanta Georgia wedding Raven Shutley Studios

You’re getting married, ahhh! I’m over-the-moon-and-back excited for you and I know how much there is on your to-do list. So here is what you can expect if you’re considering me to capture your day: 

Before You Even Book…

Let’s get to know each other! Being comfortable with each other and clicking is important so let’s make sure I’m available on your date then hop on a Zoom or a call to chat.

On the call we’ll walk through some questions: My goal at this point is to get to know you, both as people and as partners, and to understand your vision for your wedding day. Is it a weekend at a campsite? An intimate brunch wedding? A wicked rager!? 

At this point we can also talk about a vague timeline. Nothing set in stone, but this helps me walk you through the structure of the day in regards to photography, as well as get an idea about how many hours of coverage make sense for you.

*I’m not interested in trying to sell you on time you don’t need. My goal is to cover your wedding and make sure buffer time is built in, alone time for the two of you is accounted for, and we’ll see if there is time to make some extra art together! So if that takes four hours or ten, it’s equally as important to me. 

Once we’ve gotten to know each other, I send over my booking proposal, which includes the package information and my contract. If all systems are a go you can sign the contract and your date is secured! Cue my happy dance!!

Leading Up to the Engagement Session…

If there’s an engagement session in the package you select, we’ll start planning. I have a fun questionnaire for you to go through together to help me learn more about you and help us build the perfect session. These questionnaires make for the best date night! So grab a glass of something nice and cuddle up on the couch to walk through them together. 

Once I go through your answers, I’ll combine that with what we discussed at your initial consultation, come up with some basic plan ideas, and shoot them back over to you. Shall we visit some favorite spots around town? Starting off at home with the furbabies? Or take to a hiking trail?! It’s completely custom, so let’s do exactly what you want to make it a meaningful experience for you. (Basically, this is a date where I tag along to capture the cuteness and hangout for a bit!)

You’ll have your engagement photos back within 3 weeks — and typically there will be sneak peeks up on social before then! From there, we’ll pick out which image you’d like for your included wall print on either metal or wood (I LOVE seeing how they come out!)

If there’s no engagement session in your package, you can sit back and relax for a while!

One Month Out from Your Wedding Day…

We’re getting close! I’ll reach back out for one final detailed chat via phone or Zoom. We’ll go over any changes that have happened between our initial chat and now, and discuss the final timeline. I’ll also do some scouting for photos spots, either virtually via Google Maps or in-person if possible. And share my final tips, like gathering all of your important detail pieces in one spot so I can photograph them when I arrive on wedding day.

I’ll also make sure to gather a list of all your wedding vendors so I can reach out to them if need be and so I can credit them in the blog post when your photos go up! 

For Anything Else You Need while Wedding Planning…

You are always, always, always welcome to reach out if you need anything at all during the time between booking and wedding day. Need vendor recommendations? Timeline advice? Send-off ideas? I’ve got you! I delight in helping you however I can. And I’ll absolutely be checking in from time to time, as well.

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What to Expect from Your Wedding Photographer before the Big Day - Wedding Planning Advice by Raven Shutley Studios

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