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Why Invest in Professional Prints and Albums

My grandmother had a framing business most of her life and even after she retired, one of my favorite things to do when visiting was to check out her workshop and supplies. It all seemed so complicated and important, and I definitely approached it with a sense of reverence. But despite my heritage, I grew up being terrible at getting important things printed and framed. The complications I saw as a child only increased: I mean, where do you even start with framing?

Most of my adult life I’ve carried stacks of empty frames from house to house each time I moved, carried right alongside stacks of art and hundreds of never-printed images on my computer: display and image never quite meeting in the middle. I wish there’d been someone to just do it for me or a way to put up art easily!

And a recent trip to Michael’s in an attempt to secure professional framing threw me for a loop. There with the intention of buying one custom frame, I ended up being strong-armed into two and spending double what I’d planned! I panicked and ended up calling and cancelling one of the orders! Honestly, I thought the whole experience ended up being…fine. But, it wasn’t enjoyable and I wouldn’t recommend it.

So not only is it time-consuming and confusing {I mean honestly, who knew there were multiple kinds of mat cut outs?!} and overwhelming to try and get things printed and framed and up in the house. But it’s SO HARD to even choose which photos to go up in the first place. These lived experiences are such a huge part of why I run my business the way I do… With a dedication to helping, to simplicity, and to getting your images up on the wall or on the coffee table where they deserve to be.

heirloom album for wedding daywhy investing in printed products matters why prints and products matter to couplesmetal print to display why prints and products mattereco-friendly wooden prints from GA wedding photographerWhy do physical prints and products matter?

These physical prints and products – whether wall art or album – are heirlooms. And I don’t just mean for children that you may or may not choose to pass them down to. The photo albums in my grandmother’s house were such a huge part of my childhood. My siblings and I loved rifling through the books, no matter how many times we’d seen the images. These pieces of art, these albums, are something to enjoy with loved ones, to make memories while looking through memories. To enjoy the good times when you’re feeling down and to relive amazing moments, especially ones that involve people who’ve passed. These are important people, important moments, and they deserve a place of attention!

After the wedding, the photos are what stick around to help bring you back to the joy and celebration. They help to capture moments that you might have missed or that slipped by while you were dancing your ass off. To catch all of the details, the special looks between you and your spouse or the sing-a-long moments with your best friends.

And family portraits, photos, wedding albums all only ever increase in value. Can you imagine a relative going through your wedding album reverently in 60 years? I can, because that was me every single time I visited my grandparents! Seriously, I LOVED looking through those photos. {Mauve weddings in the 80’s were such a special choice; I love it.} So they’re not only for you, they’re also for the people you love to be able to look through, as well.

As I type this, out of the corner of my eye I can see the wall of friends and family I created for my office, which never fails to bring a smile to my face. Especially after losing a family member a few years back, it’s incredibly important to me that I have these photos to look at and delight in and put in a place of import on my walls.

flatlay of wedding album shared by GA wedding photographerTechnology is constantly changing

When I first started, everyone was putting images on CD’s or DVD’s. {In fact, for my first wedding I ever photographed, I mailed them 8 DVD’s, can you even imagine?!}, and now it’s all downloads and cloud storage and flash drives for backups, which is great! But newer technology will always come along.  None of these storage devices were meant for permanency. Albums, however, are portable, don’t need power or charging, and you don’t need anything special to view them.

So although it’s fantastic to have your back-up images on a flashdrive in your safety deposit box, it’s quite possible that when you go to take a look at those photos in a few years that you might not be able to access them anymore! Physical copies will always reign supreme {and hey, make a backup in the cloud too, it can’t hurt}.

album flatlay by Ga wedding photographerwhy professional prints and products displayed with metal printwooden print to display why prints and products matterHigh-quality printing and keeping it easy

I choose my labs extremely specifically when it comes to the products I offer. The albums and wall art that I offer my couples come exclusively from high-end professional labs that only work with professional photographers. This helps ensure the highest level of quality. The albums are inspected after each phase of the production process, are warrantied for life, and any manufacturer’s defects are replaced or repaired at no extra cost. I’ve personally walked through issues with these companies and am completely confident in their amazing customer service. Plus, their dedication to producing amazing work. There’s no falling apart or color fading with these products.

In addition, one of the most important aspects of how I pick a company is their pledge to sustainability. These pledges not only includes their waste practices and helping save the planet and be kind to the environment, but also their dedication to fair wage, ethical working conditions, and equal opportunities for their employees and partners.

Let’s get them hung!

Furthermore, I handle everything for my couples: there’s no narrowing down or designing that they need to do. I build the story of their day with their favorites in mind. And then I go over the design proof with them, making adjustments as needed until they’re thrilled with how the story looks! All of the wall art I offer comes ready to hang on the wall. Seriously, just put up a few push-pins or nails. My goal is for this whole process to be as simple and fun as possible for you. Let’s get this stuff in your house!

easy to hang metal print from Georgia wedding photographerwooden print from GA wedding photographereasy to hang prints and products for wedding photographyHow can I budget for prints and products, like wedding albums?

There are so many options when it comes to budgeting for physical prints and products. One option is adding them into your wedding registry. Your friends and family would love to contribute towards a gift like a wedding album!  And this is an especially great choice for couples who – like most of mine – already live together and don’t need items that are traditionally included in a registry.

You could make sure an album or some prints are included in your original wedding package. Then, pay over the course of your engagement, breaking up the payments.

Or maybe you save up after the wedding and order an album as an anniversary gift to yourselves.

wedding album by GA wedding photographer You are Ravenalbum flatlay by Ga wedding photographerBonus Idea! You can get a smaller copy of your wedding album at a discount as a gift for family members!

Let me know what kinds of physical prints and products or wedding albums appeal to you! Then, let’s get it designed!



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