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Niki & Morgan // Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary Family Session

Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary Family Session // Niki & Morgan

This family session at the Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary is now the fourth time I’ve worked with Niki, and the third time I’ve worked with Niki & Morgan as a couple. I’m always delighted and completely honored when clients choose me to help celebrate moments with them. And that goes double when they’re people I’ve worked with before. And especially since, these two understand how I work and what my vibe is for sessions, so planning this session was a breeze.

Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary Family Session

Niki came to me with a fantastic idea… Echoing their post-wedding session at Zoo Atlanta by bringing her and Morgan’s families to the Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary for their session. We had a stellar time at their Zoo Atlanta session. There, we started off at the petting zoo and worked our way around to see and interact with all of the animals there. This time, Niki was looking for a big family session. And, she knows that my absolute favorite way to start a session is with an activity, so this was the perfect solution.

First,  setting this family session at the Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary meant that it gave the whole family something to do and something to focus on other than “oh no we’re taking photos!”. And, it also gave us a really easy way to split up the more formal portrait sections of the session. This allowed time to pass and anxieties to release instead of building up. Having your photo taken isn’t everyone’s favorite experience. So, I’m always coming up with new solutions to combat the fear and awkwardness most of us feel when it comes to being in front of the camera.

Visiting the Sanctuary

The Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary was an extra special location for me personally because it’s been around for such a long time. We used to visit when I was a kid, when it was still called the Yellow River Game Ranch and run by a very different group of folks. As soon as I heard that a family had purchased the, then defunct, location, I was thrilled and so incredibly hopeful. I followed their progress on social media and in the news, really excited for the possibilities. The current owners seem utterly fantastic and the space is beautiful. We had a complete blast setting this photo session there. I’ll absolutely be coming back on personal visits!

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