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Save the Date Announcements in Atlanta, Georgia // Zach & Kartik

Zach & Kartik are one of my wedding couples who had to reschedule due to COVID-19, but they didn’t only reschedule once, but TWICE. These two ended up sending out three total Save the Dates! And through it all, they’ve remained so amazing and fun and positive.

They got in touch when they planned to get together with both sets of parents for the first time at their house since the start of the pandemic. I said HELL yes, let’s celebrate this! So we went all out and we got dried flower confetti to throw, champagne for a toast, and came up with some truly silly ideas for their THIRD Save the Date announcements.

Save the Date Announcements

This family session and engagement session combination started off with the confetti throw, one of my absolute favorite things to photograph. We had a ton of confetti to play with, so play we did! We started off with both sets of parents throwing confetti on the happy couple. Then included everyone joined in the fun.

From there we went and told dad jokes in the backyard and posed our asses off. We broke things down into little groups, toasted with some champagne, then let the parents have a break while I stole Zach & Kartik away. The most important thing we wanted to do with this third Save the Date was have fun with the idea that they’ve been waiting and waiting for this wedding to happen. So we pulled out Ticket to Ride – a favorite board game in their house – and some empty bottles. These two were EXPERTS with this one, laughing along and giving me fake exasperation for the shots. Then we finished up outside, closing the session with some super silly “third time’s the charm” photos.

What I really loved about this session was that not only were we able to have fun with something that has been so oppressively stressful… But we were also celebrating coming back together and joyously seeing each other once again. Finding the silver lining in the cloud or the rainbow at the end of the storm.

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